Halloween Baby Yoda In January

What I have here is a post I was going to publish in October. Better late than never!

I’m back at work and making toys again for the kids. After being gone for over a year and a half, I peeked in the yarn drawer to see what I had to work with. It wasn’t much. The kids helped me decide what to make (as usual). I had a lot of orange in the drawer, so something Halloweeny was in order. They also liked my Baby Yodas so that’s what we would start with.

I thought I could pull this off with the colors I had. After all, my Darth Maul themed Baby Yoda for my brother was a huge success. How hard could it be to make him pumpkin themed? Well, not hard, but also, I’m not sure I succeeded. Ah well, the kids liked it anyway as a toy for the prize box, and that’s all that counts, right?

No matter how much time has passed, and even though I was dealing with a new batch of kids, they have an abundance of opinions and suggestions for my work. It’s not always favorable either. Things like, “Baby Yoda’s not orange. His eye is funny. What the heck is that?”

That’s what makes it fun. In that spirit, here he is from start (in the classroom) to finish (in my garden).

What do you think? Would you recognize him as a Baby Yoda? Or is he just a wannabe?


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