Octopus Crochet Hat for Daughter

One of the things I love about crochet is being able to create something meaningful out of my own vision or someone else’s. My daughter wanted an octopus hat she had seen all over the internet. She asked if I could make her one. After seeing a few different variations, I felt confident I could come up with something.

Of course, she had her own design in mind. It made it both more challenging to meet her vision, and easier because I had a road map to follow. She is an artist and drew up exactly what she wanted. It was VERY specific. Most of the time, she ends up creating works of art herself just trying to show me what she wants. Do I sound like a proud mama? I definitely I sound like a proud mama.

And the final product! Since I don’t have this pieces any longer, I had to borrow from my account on Instagram (@yochetcrochet). The big doll wore the hat beautifully.

Ignore the books. They were for a bookstagram challenge. 🙂
Would you wear something like this? I wouldn’t, but my daughter insisted she would. Not sure I believe her. 😂

Conclusion: I was very happy with the outcome, but there are things I would do differently if I ever make it again.


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