Finished Funko Pop Crochet Doll

The doll is finished and delivered. It didn’t have far to go, just down the hall. But first, the doll demanded a photo shoot. Kinda reminded me of my husband. 😊

My hubby wanted his own Mini Me in his music persona. He creates music and wanted a doll he could photograph as a stand-in for himself. The doll has already started its photographic debut! My hubby took a picture of him and posted it on Instagram. I was surprised and delighted to see it one morning. I posted that pic last.

I started with the head…
Wasn’t sure I could do the body in Tunisian but I did it!
Just taking a stroll in the garden.
And here’s my hubby’s pic of him. I love it!

14 thoughts on “Finished Funko Pop Crochet Doll

  1. I’m getting a little tired of telling you that you out did yourself, but…..YOU OUT DID YOURSELF AGAIN! He doesn’t just look like a little doll, he looks like a little Homie. Just as fly as he wanna be. You go girl!

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  2. It’s wonderful how in the beginning he looked like yarn—and seeing how he’s taking shape~~~and then the finished sassy, all attitude, ready to take on the world dude…is amazing!

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    • Thank you! Thanks for taking a look. No wire frame. I’m not very familiar with wire frames. I used Tunisian crochet which makes the cloth a little ticker. I stuffed the dolled with cloth (instead of poly fill), which also made the legs a little firmer but still flexible. I can move his arms and legs, but they aren’t pose-able in the sense you are asking.


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