Archive | January 11, 2021

EEK! What did I buy on Wish!

I’m human. I have weaknesses. Books (I have thousands), jewelry (which I hardly ever wear), figurines (which I finally stopped buying), hooks (which I have sort of stopped buying), and small scissors (because they’re so cute). I hate shopping in general so I don’t fall for many gimmicks. I tend to overthink every purchase. But then I discovered Wish, and my weaknesses got triggered.

My son recently told me he purchased some shirts on the site Wish for a decent price and I was curious about it. I had seen a YouTuber that had a post about Wish, and I checked that out. Granted, many things on the site turn out to be junk and not worth even the small amount you might spend. But still…  I dangerously went on the site to see for myself, and I couldn’t help myself. I bought something, something I didn’t need.

Weakness 1) Some of you may remember that I have a wee bit of a problem with crochet hooks. Not surprising, I’m sure. I absolutely and unequivocally don’t need more crochet hooks but… they had a set that I couldn’t resist.

Tunisian crochet hooks.png

Admittedly, I have plenty of tunisian crochet hooks but I don’t have any with the string. I don’t have any projects in mind at the moment but now I will be prepared for anything!