Selling My Crochet

My sister that ended up with one of the crochet coats I made, claims she gets a lot of compliments on it and people asking if I sell them. I don’t, nor do I want to. Part of the reason is that they are very time consuming AND, I never know how they are going to turn out. I’d rather have something already made, and if someone likes it and wants to buy it, great. There’s no pressure. But I also don’t go around just making coats. Plus, that coat, the one with the plugs that took me ages to make and nearly drove me insane, is a coat I don’t want to revisit.

This one man in particular really, really, really liked it. He thought someone in his family would love it, but she told him I definitely didn’t want to make another one. She did however, show him my site showing my work, and he decided he wanted a doll. Let me point out I don’t necessarily sell my dolls either. I have sold them before, but it isn’t a business for me. If someone wants to buy one, or have me make them one, sometimes I do it, but that’s about it.

So she calls me out of the blue, while this person is standing next to her, and tells me that the man that loved my coat would like to buy one of my dolls. He asked how much would I charge for one. Well, I wasn’t sure I wanted to do that–it was one of the dolls from my book, and I was thinking of keeping those–but I also don’t want to be holding onto a bunch of dolls. I was also very flattered. And look at my sister drumming up business for me. 😂 So we agreed on a price.

This is the one he liked.

Apparently, this person’s boss came by and saw what they were looking at, and he asked for a doll too, but he wanted a pink haired doll and a blue haired boy doll. Hmmm, I didn’t want to have to come up with two new dolls at that moment since I was working on crochet gifts for Christmas. I agreed to it, knowing I could add hair to a boy doll I already had.

No hair but he does have a cute hat.
I always knew he would look good with hair.

I didn’t have a pink-haired doll, so I would either have to alter one of my dolls or make a new one. I decided to make a new one. I couldn’t bring myself to rip out the hair of any of my dolls! I’ll share that doll in my next post. My sister picked up all the dolls and they are on their way.

This is the part where I get nervous about whether they’ll like them once they see them in person. I always worry that they’ll see them and think they aren’t worth what they paid for them. That’s one of the main reasons I don’t sell my dolls on platforms like Etsy. So I have my fingers crossed the buyers like what they’re buying. 😬

9 thoughts on “Selling My Crochet

    • That’s exactly right. The time you put into it is usually way more than you can make out of it. I do make similar things more than once like the Baby Yodas, but every single one of them was slightly different because I just go off of memory, and always improve the next one in some way. Not one of my dolls is the same either.


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