Merry Day After Christmas Everyone!

Christmas Eve, we traditionally have my brother and sisters and all their kids over for the day. This year, it looked a little different (as I’m sure it did for everyone), but it was still a lot of fun. I think it’s important to give thanks for our many blessings and not focus on the negatives (all the time anyway).

I want to start by giving thanks for my husband, daughter and son. I love them sooooo much!

My daughter
My son

My brothers, sisters, best friends, nieces and nephews round out my life. It’s because of them that I feel extra blessed. With them, I know I and my family are never alone and know that someone always has our back.

Now that I got the mushy part out of the way, look at these great gifts I received!

In that first pic, you see books and a new Kindle Oasis. I love reading electronic books but reading on my iPad, and even on my older kindle, hurt my eyes and caused strain. This Kindle is supposed to be the best one to alleviate that. My hubby bought that for me. He must love me or something, or he wants me to be able to keep seeing how cute he is. It’s one or the other.

He also got me a very special book, and it was a total surprise. I owned a book I picked up in 6th grade! I thought it was in my bookshelf, but when I went looking for it, it was gone! I ransacked my house and couldn’t find it. My hubby found me a new one and it looks as old and beat up as my original one! 😂 It looks identical. Actually, it’s a little better than mine because the cover was falling off of my copy. He’s such a sweet man.

My daughter got me the rest of the books, because although I love electronic books, there are some books I just have to have as actual books. She knows me so well.

And look at those hook bracelets my son got for me! Gorgeous. He knows me well too. 😉

That third pic is of an iPad keyboard case hubby got me that is allowing me to post easily from my iPad. I don’t seem to be having any issues posting from my iPad like I’ve been having on my desktop, but typing on a virtual keyboard was cumbersome. Now it feels like I have a laptop. I love it!

I was very spoiled this Christmas. 🥰

And now for some crochet gifts I gave this year. You knew I made something yarny as gifts, right? Of course you did. My daughter wanted an octopus hat she saw somewhere. I looked at several varieties online and figured out how to make her one. I didn’t have a pattern so I came up with something by looking at different pictures and just winged it. It wasn’t perfect at first, but I made modifications here and there until it looked right. She was very happy with it.

It looks just as good on my daughter 😊

My son’s crochet gift was a little more sneaky. I sussed out info like a detective and discovered his favorite video game character. My son is 20 and I wanted to make him something he would like. I really wanted to make him a doll, I mean action figure, of his favorite character, but wasn’t sure if that was the right choice. I took a chance and made it, hoping for the best.

Turns out there are different versions of the character, so I had to settle on one. Luckily, I picked the right one. My son was very surprised and delighted with what I made.

All in all, we had a wonderful Christmas, even with all the limitations. I hope you were able to find joy this holiday season and hoping 2021 is a better year for all of us.

10 thoughts on “Merry Day After Christmas Everyone!

    • Thank you! It’s so funny you mentioned you had to ask your husband about it. My sisters said they loved it but asked who was it. I told them to ask any of their children. One responded that she asked her son and he gave her a complete lesson. 😂 Merry Christmas !🎄


  1. That sounds and looks so lovely and you have a great family! Your gifts you got and the ones you made are amazing. Yes as you say we need to look at the positive side and count our blessings. HAve a lovely holiday season!


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