Crochet Coco From Animal Crossings

My niece asked ever so kindly if I would make her Coco from the video game Animal Crossings. I have some knowledge of the game since my daughter loves it and told me all about it when it came out. But I had no idea what Coco looked like. I did a little internet research and knew I could reproduce her in crochet.

She’s cute!

I used other images as well for reference to get a well rounded idea of her. I immediately knew I had the perfect yarn for the skin tone. I had a little ball tucked away in a drawer somewhere. It would be just enough to make the entire doll if I planned it right.

I think I did a pretty good job. 😊


14 thoughts on “Crochet Coco From Animal Crossings

    • Thank you! My daughter told me all about this game when it was about to come out (I don’t remember any of it 😂) but I know it got her through the pandemic. I’m surprised she didn’t ask me to make her something. I’m sure it’s coming though. It was fun making Coco for my niece so I wouldn’t mind making something for her too if she wants.

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