Disney Bounding As Ursula At Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

My hubby and I were lucky enough to snag a reservation the opening month for Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland. I like Star Wars, but my hubby really, really loves Star Wars and had been anxiously awaiting the opening of Galaxy’s Edge since it was announced years ago. But honestly, I’d say he was waiting for something like this since he was ten years old. Being able to go on its opening month was very exciting.

Well, I could just go in plain-old clothes. As I mentioned in a previous post, I wanted to go in a Bounding outfit. For this trip, it would have to be my Ursula themed clothes. My Ariel crochet outfit wasn’t ready yet, but I thought I could whip up some quick Ursula ears and I did!

ursula ears.jpg

Unfortunately, they flopped-over a little. It wasn’t bad, but I  knew I’d be trying to flop them back up all night. The choice was to leave them at home or try to do a quick fix to stiffen them up. In my infinite wisdom, I decided to stiffen them with glue water…the day of! Needless to say, they didn’t dry before we had to leave. Hubby thought we should take them anyway and see if they dried up on the way. They didn’t.

They almost did, but they flopped even more from the heaviness of the water, even though they were almost dry. Almost wasn’t going to be good enough. We left them in the car. Oh well, I was still happy with my outfit. And we had a really good time. The ears were perfect once they dried and are ready for the next trip. 🙂

As you can imagine, we took a ton of pictures to mark such a momentous occasion. I wanted to share all of them but I didn’t think anybody would thank me for that! I narrowed it down to my favorites.

Disneyland’s Galaxy’s Edge 2019: Through our lens

Not technically at Galaxy’s Edge yet, but we were happy to be inside Disneyland.

Galaxys edge

Ursula Bounding!

We picked up our bracelets that would allow us into the new land at Star Wars Launch Bay, and there was plenty to see, like this Storm Trooper.

Galaxys edge fred

No one told us we would have to run for our lives!

Looking through the shops was fun too.

Galaxys edge_2.jpg

I couldn’t resist trying on the coat. I’m glad no one came to kick us out!

We even took some pics with some friends of ours.

Galaxys edge_3

Hubby is ever the comedian.

Galaxys edge_4

Chewbacca didn’t like hubby’s shirt so he put him in the corner! He was wearing a Kylo Ren shirt so he deserved it. 

Galaxys edge_5

All was forgiven in the end.

It was finally time to head over to the fun. Here we are taking selfies with the Millenium Falcon and we both photobombed each other. He’s taking a selfie of me taking a selfie. If you look closely, you can see our faces in our phones. LOL Yes, we are a couple of goofballs.

Okay, here’s a better shot of us with the Millenium Falcon. The replica is amazing! The attention to detail is incredible.

Galaxys edge copy

Galaxys edge_13

Here we are in line for the ride. It’s a nice line!

Galaxys edge_7

Galaxys edge_8Hubby and I got to be the pilots. I was terrible but the family we flew with said we did great because we didn’t completely fail the mission like they did on their four tries. It was a fun ride but I got motion sickness and didn’t want to do it again right away. Hubby was fine with that. This ride was a lot like Star Tours in the way it functions and much like Star Tours, I can only ride it once a day or risk being sick. It was still a lot of fun the one time. 🙂

Hungry time!

We headed over to eat at the Docking Bay 7. The food was good. I had my green milk already so I didn’t need a drink.

Galaxys edge_12

The green milk had a flowery taste to it which I liked but I’m not sure I’d get it again.

Galaxys edge fred 2

Someone was happy with his food. 🙂

Some fun things we saw

Galaxys edge_16

What’s up with that pose? Trying not to look fat. LOL If I look awkward, that’s why!

Galaxys edge_15

Can you tell he’s super happy to be there?

Galaxys edge_11

Galaxys edge_10

Galaxys edge_9

We loved loved loved Galaxy’s Edge. It truly is immersive and the little details were fantastic. I can’t wait to go again. We can’t go back until September because of blockout dates on our passes but we can’t wait to go back!


16 thoughts on “Disney Bounding As Ursula At Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

    • Taking a picture with Chewbacca was one of our favorite parts of the day. His reaction to my husbands Kylo Ren shirt was hilarious. We can’t wait to go back without the time restrictions. We only had a few hours and couldn’t get into the Cantina.

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