Lake Elsinore Poppies

We’ve had a very wet winter this year after some years of drought. I live in the Inland Empire in California and when that happens, we get an explosion of wildflowers that are very beautiful. Not too far from where I live, we have some hills that are covered in so many poppies, the hills look orange.

The city of Lake Elsinore (near our home) became a tourist attraction almost overnight! They were calling it the Lake Elsinore Super Bloom. How unlucky for us because we get our taxes done over at Lake Elsinore and we hit crazy traffic. Why? Because of Poppies. The hills look amazing but it sure made getting to our appointment hard. The freeway was a parking lot and the streets were worse. We kept getting detoured and lots of people were walking on busy streets with no sidewalks! I’m not talking about little residential streets either. We had to be extra careful not to hit anyone. Even with all that, we were only ten minutes late to our appointment (we left very early).  

I managed to get a few shots from out the window as we drove passed. Hence why they’re lousy but I had to try. I just couldn’t do the scenery justice while hanging out the window. LOL


This is the best picture I was able to get while risking dropping my cell phone on a busy freeway!


I shot this one before I thought to open the window. It’s hard to read but that sign is asking that people not pull over because people were parking on the freeway!


You don’t see as many flowers in this one but I liked the rocks. 🙂

I wish I had been able to get pics of the crazy crowds on the side of the freeway. It was madness! I would have loved to stop at one of the trails that went through the poppies but I wasn’t about to deal with that many people for some flowers, as pretty as they are and all. 


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