Archive | March 28, 2019

Tunisian Crochet Doll Dress

How to avoid cleaning my office…

Crochet of course! I had good, nay, great intentions when I opened the door to my office. It’s gotten a bit cluttered and it was time for a little spring cleaning. I didn’t even walk in all the way when I spotted a naked doll I had brought home from work just sitting there. How long had she been there? Over a year?

That got me thinking about how that poor baby doll had also been languishing in a drawer at work for a long time before I brought her home. The kids can’t handle naked dolls. There, I said it. They take all the clothes off and then shenanigans happen AND THEN I have to confiscate.

I know part of the fun is dressing the dolls, but if they stayed clothed, there would be no problem. So I ended up with a drawer full of naked dolls waiting for me to make them some permanent, absolutely can’t take off, clothes. All the other dolls finally got some outfits, but for some reason, this one was still sitting in my office. You can see why I had to put off cleaning my office to finally make her an outfit.

Tunisian doll Dress.JPG Tunisian Doll Dress 1.JPGIt took me a few hours to make it and by the time I was done, it was too late to clean my office. For real, it was too late. Today, I had to write about it but unfortunately, I mean for fortunately, I have plenty of time to clean my office once I’m done posting. 🙂

For memory’s sake, here are two of the other dolls.