Golden Rainbow Crochet Doll

I haven’t made a crochet doll in ages but I’ve recently given myself a swift kick in the pants. I know that sounds kinda mean but I absolutely needed it. I had projects that needed seeing to and no one was seeing to them. With the end of the year bearing down upon me, I just had to kick it into high gear.

Gold Crochet doll_2.jpg

Finally! A doll is born.

First up was my sweater/coat/cardigan. I gave me the stink eye and threatened that there would be consequences if I didn’t get that sucker done and lo and behold, I finished it and was finally able to give it to my sister.

Next up was the Christmas tree. We have an artificial tree, and it was buried way, way, way, deep in the closet under Halloween boxes, Easter boxes, computer boxes and all kinds of other miscellany. I just didn’t want to go through that clutter-jungle. To add insult to injury, I would need to figure out exactly where I was supposed to put the tree. My kiddo moved back in and I consequently had to find new places for many of my things, so the tree spot was no longer available. Upon announcing to my hubs that the tree would remain in the closet of doom, he revolted. The tree had to go up he said. I said, you know the way too and pointed to the closet.

But alas, I caved. I did want the tree up so I braved the closet, dug out the beloved tree, pushed some things out of the way in the living room and viola, a tree is sprung.


I skimped on the decorations this year but sometimes less is more and the tree looked nice… as long as I kept the lights on. 🙂

It was then time for my office/craft room. I’ve mentioned my room before. My office and I are constantly battling chaos. I clean and organize but it keeps falling into chaos and it kept building into more chaos. To my hubby’s disbelief (I know, he had no faith!), I tackled my office. Now it’s lovely (you can take my word for it). Until our next battle, it shall remain thus!

Then Christmas was over.


See? With no lights, the decorations really were paltry and that’s why I kept the lights on all the time. LOL

Yikes! That meant that I only had a few days, DAYS before the year ended and I still hadn’t finished my book! Blasphemous! I had already gone through most of it in a previous spurt of industrialness, but then I petered out. I stopped because I realized I needed to make another doll, shoot pictures, process them and then place them in the book. Sheesh, is it any wonder I walked away pretending I was going to get to it soon?

The kicking commenced, and in another spurt of energy, I got to stepping (that means I got to work) and finished the doll, took the pictures, organized my photos and am that much closer to finishing it. It’s so close I can taste it! And now I can share another doll.

Gold Crochet doll_1.jpg

I struggled with the hair (I always do) but I ended up loving it (I almost always do) and her dress is simple but very pretty, if I do say so myself (and I do).

Gold Crochet doll.jpg

I didn’t finish the book by the end of the year (Happy New Year’s Eve by the way!) but I plan to finish before I go back to work on the 7th. I can do this!

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