Succulents after the rain

I live in Southern California and it hardly ever rains, but when it does, oh boy!

Reasons I love the rain:

  1. I don’t have to wash my car. Hear me out. Most people complain that it rains right after they washed their car. I’m the complete opposite. I love a good downpour. It can’t be just a little rain. It has to rain long and hard enough to knock the dust off of my car. It’s great when it happens at work because I drive home and dry it off and my car looks clean!
  2. The sound of rain is very soothing and helps me fall asleep. For some reason, fake rain sound doesn’t work. I might fall asleep to it but then I’m dreaming about having to go the bathroom all night, and consequently, waking up all night. Not sure why real rain outside my window doesn’t do this.
  3. I don’t have to water my plants for awhile. The summer is brutal on anything I’m trying to keep alive. I’ve not hidden the fact that I’m a terrible gardner and I never seem to give the plants enough water. But as we go into fall and winter, things get a little better for me and especially for the plants.

My garden on rain

We had about three full days of real rain in about a week, and besides my car getting clean, I had some real surprises in the garden. This is the first time my plants got a real soaking since I planted them.

The very first thing I noticed was that this one particular plant absolutely exploded! I didn’t know a plant could grow so quickly! These plants were doing well, but after the rain, wow. You’ll notice my creative use of cinder blocks. Ugly? Yes. Useful? Absolutely. The blocks keep the dogs from digging themselves to freedom (they were doing this) and and they also masquerade as planters.


These tripled in size! {Aeonium}


These might grow too big for this location. Maybe I can keep trimming them to keep them small.

This same plant wasn’t doing so well when I planted it in full sun and in soil that doesn’t seem to get enough water. I thought it was a goner, but after the rain, it plumped up beautifully. It didn’t grow huge like the others, but it did get full and pretty.

succulent.jpgI strolled through the rest of my garden for more rain effects. All my plants were pretty and plump, although no others grew to gargantuan proportions.


I am always amazed at how they change color. These were almost all deep burgandy like the one on the bottom left but are becoming green.


I really like this one. {Paddle Plant}


My Mother of Millions got super tall. That little cluster on top was a surprise. 


The little flowers are SOOOO pretty.


I bought these for a dollar and they are doing well. 🙂 The rain helped.


I’m proud of this corner but my sisters won’t go near it. They say it looks like a bed of snakes and that real snakes might be hiding in there…and no one would know. I admit I don’t mind scaring my sisters. {Jade, Echeveria, Tradescantia Pallid, and others}


I didn’t know these plants would all bend at the top looking like little bells. Cute! {Kalanchoe Waldheimii}


OMG! This one is the same as the one on top. In fact, it’s growing at the base of that green plant. I am amazed at how you have the same plant but the colors are very different. This reminds me of the Tikki Room at Disneyland. It reminded my husband of Little Shop of Horrors.


This one had turned a lovely shade of burgundy and I moved it a few feet over into a little more shade and it turned green. It’s still pretty though. {Crassula Ovata}


This Crassula still has a little red but it got invaded by a mushroom! I blame the rain.


I have lots of these all over the place. They are doing really well. {Ghost Plant, Echeveria?)


Love this plant. The colors are yummy but it looks like I might have to pull some out and place elsewhere. {I couldn’t find a name for this one but it’s probably some form of Echeveria.}


Here’s how it looks when it’s not so crowded.

I’m loving learning about my plants as they develop. I especially love that there are so many pretty varieties that are hardy enough for my ministrations.


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