Crochet Bendy and Crochet Pea Shooter

So my first two students to reach Ultimate Prize Box asked for custom crochet items. They are brothers and love my crochet stuff. The projects they asked for didn’t seem too difficult and I agreed.

The first wanted a Bendy in some form. He wasn’t sure what he wanted, a hat? a plushie? a keychain? He decided on a puppet. Now I just had to figure out what a Bendy was!


Oh, that’s a Bendy

I gave a lot (A LOT) of thought on the best way to approach a puppet. I tried different head ideas but getting those horns to look right was proving difficult. I finally worked my way to something I liked and that the student liked.



Once the head the was done, the arms and body weren’t that difficult. He had originally wanted legs. I added them and then he said he didn’t want them. Kids! I cut them off so no harm, no foul. When it was done, he was overjoyed. He absolutely loved it.

IMG_6534.JPGHis brother wanted a Pea-Shooter  (I had to look that up too).

pea shooter.jpg

The Pea Shooter was a little easier to figure out. It’s a ball with a bell. How hard could that be? Not hard at all.

pea shooter 1.JPG

pea shooter 2.JPG

Another happy customer. 🙂

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