Craft Fair Part 1: Crochet Granny Square Beanie Hat

Yesterday, there was another craft fair happening at the school where I work. I didn’t do it last year and I wasn’t sure I would do it this time around. I get pretty lazy about getting up early on the weekend and even lazier about working furiously on projects to have enough inventory to sell. Then, when the fair is done, I have all this stuff left over that I have to store.

However, a friend of mine (the one that introduced me into the world of succulents) was going and she said I could share a booth with her so I didn’t have to make more things to fill an entire booth. I could simply take the few items I already had (mainly the stuff left over from previous craft fair, hehe). I could do that.

But still, I thought I should make a few more things. At the time, I had a whole 4 days to the fair!


I looked at all those granny squares I made for the Craft Yarn Council Course and just knew I could make something, anything, out of them.

I gathered all the squares and separated them by color. Then, I experimented with arrangements, and here is the first thing to come out of it.

Crochet projects_7.jpg

Crochet projects_8.jpg

Crochet projects_6.jpg

Crochet projects_9.jpg


It fits nicely. I like the colors on this one.

I liked the beanie hat and made another one with the leftover squares from the pluggable sweater.

Crochet Granny Square hat.jpgNot sure how I feel about this gray and black one. It’s a little big for me (and for the styrofoam head too) but you never know what people might like.

I have more squares but I didn’t want to make more hats. Maybe containers? Purses? Bags? We’ll see.

Sadly, I didn’t sell any of the hats even though I had lots of admirers.



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