Crochet Doll Book

LR embroidery needles

Most probably don’t remember that I’ve been working on a crochet doll book for what seems like ages. First, it took me a few years to write it. Then when I finally did, I gave it to my hubby to lay it out and get it designed. Then he kicked it back to me to add pictures and check it over. He was supposed to do that but he could never get to it, having to make a living and all. LOL Well, all this has taken over five years (maybe more)! Namely because he’s busy and I’m busy and we both kept putting it off.

But that has all ended. I vowed that I would do my part this summer.My choice was to keep waiting or do it myself. The truth is that I was intimidated by trying to do it myself. At the time, I didn’t have the experience I have now and wasn’t ready to tackle it. Now, I feel more competent about doing it and about looking up what I don’t know how to do. No more excuses.

I’ll admit that I didn’t start on it as soon as I got out of work for the summer, but I have finally jumped back in. I’ve been working on it everyday for over a week now and I’m feeling pretty proud of myself. However, since it’s been so long (over two years now) since I’d written it or even read it and taken pictures, I realized some things were outdated and needed to be redone.

I’ve been editing each chapter as I go and taking new photos that are better and make better sense.

LR Hooks

I was embarrassed to read some sections that made no sense and needed to be reworded. I was happy, though that most of it was pretty good. I was worried I was going to hate it all but the opposite is happening. I have enough distance from the original project that I have a completely new perspective. I’m very excited because I’m finding pleasure in working on it a bit everyday, knowing that I will definitely complete it before the summer is over (fingers crossed!).

With any luck, I’ll have a digital version up for sale somewhere, be it Amazon, Itunes or my own site or all of the above. Then I want to get started on the other crochet book ideas I have. This time, there will be no more procrastinating (it’s good to dream).

If you’re curious about some of the dolls I’ve made over the years, you can take a look-see at

20 thoughts on “Crochet Doll Book

  1. The best advice author to author I can offer is to step a way from your work several times during the creative process. Initially when you info dump everything you think you should have, then come back for the editing process. Take a step back and do something else to open your mind, in the back of your head it will still mull on the task. Now, youโ€™re ready for the pictures, the artistic path. It will be everything you need and more. I wish you much success and Iโ€™m looking forward to seeing your end product. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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  2. Very exciting Yolanda it’s so great that you are getting to it during the holidays! I remember thinking it was an awesome idea last time you mentioned it and I still think it is so I can’t wait for it!

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