Crochet Outfit for Baby Doll

There’s one guarantee in life and that is if kids can take the clothes off a doll, they will. I don’t want to get into the kind of trouble the kids in our program get into with that. Instead, I try to make sure all the dolls have permanent clothes. If I find a naked doll (yes, this is a thing), I put it away until I can properly outfit her with locked-on, can’t-take-off, clothes. Even THEN, if I don’t make it fool proof, they find a way.

I was rummaging through an old drawer when I stumbled upon several naked dolls that I must have confiscated over the years. I’m sure I had every intention of making them clothes, or at least, permanently sewing on their original outfits. These dolls are so cute and the kids absolutely love playing with them, so I pulled them out and took them home.

I didn’t have time to make them outfits at work before school let out but I was scheduled to work a week of our summer program. The majority of the kids in the summer program are not kids I know. They are from our sister school. I figured making crochet outfits for dolls would make a nice ice-breaker with them while introducing them to crochet. It worked beautifully. I  pulled out the doll and started making her an outfit and I had a circle of kids crocheting with me in no time.

I was only there one week but I was pleasantly surprised that quite a few of them (three Kinders!) picked up chaining fairly quickly and I had two older girls trying out single crochet. It was a lot of fun. They wanted to help dress the doll so they made her a necklace and a bracelet.

pink crochet doll jumper_2

Now she’s ready to go out and play!


pink crochet doll jumper.jpg

A Kinder made a necklace.


And the bracelet.

I made an outfit for this one while I was cleaning my office at home.

crochet doll outfit.jpg

Yep, I was in the middle of cleaning my office when I saw the doll in my crochet bag. It was my kit from work and I was going to put it away. I was cleaning after all. I picked up the doll and just HAD to make her something to wear. Next thing I knew, cleaning my office was the last thing on my mind. I was blissfully crocheting away while still in my office. I was watching a newly discovered tv show that was playing in the background while I cleaned. It’s hilarious by the way (the show, not my crocheting). It’s called The Good Place and it had me in stitches (pun intended).

A few hours later, her outfit was done and my office was definitely not clean and I had binge watched most of the season! By then, I was too tired to finish cleaning (yes, you can be tired from crocheting and watching tv) so I had to finish the next day. Luckily, no pesky crochet project tricked me into it’s evil clutches and I actually cleaned my office.

crochet doll outfit_1.jpg

And now there are two less naked dolls in the world!

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