Crochet Saved The Day

I am convinced that crochet is the new duct tape. It can solve practically any problem. It’s true! I was going to do a photoshoot of my son and niece in their cap and gown (graduating high school) and was setting up my living room with my lights, a backdrop, tripods, and camera when I ran into a snafu. Remember when I made a vow to do more photography and actually use some equipment I bought but not never pulled out or even learned how to use? I did well with that goal and learned how to use it all…and then I forgot again because I put it away.

Well it all came out again for the shoot. Luckily, I just needed a quick refresher and I was good to go. Except that I had these brackets I bought for my lights that were still in the packaging. I pulled them out and tried to put them on my light stands and they didn’t fit. They came with with different adapters but none of them fit. Shame on me for not knowing this when I bought them. I pulled out the adapters but without them, the openings were too big!

It was solution finding time. Rubber bands? That might work. Foam? Nah. Crochet? Yes! I quickly crocheted two little sleeves for the tops of my light stands and the brackets were nice and snug and my lights were safe (breathing a sigh of relief).


crochet sleeve.jpg

Crochet sleeve 3.jpg

crochet sleeve 4.jpg

crochet sleeve 2.jpg

The photo shoot was back in session! Isn’t crochet wonderful? 🙂

6 thoughts on “Crochet Saved The Day

  1. That’s a lot better than duct tape for that solution. I also think you could use crochet squares to put under furniture when it isn’t level!

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