Crochet Squares Backpack Completed

My crochet backpack was ready for a night of fun.

Crochet backpac_4

My new little garden is making a nice backdrop for my pictures. 

Crochet backpac_2

My old garden still works too.


On it’s first trip out, hubby and I decided to go for a spontaneous trip to Disneyland on a Sunday night.

Disneyland Crochet Backpack_2.jpg

I didn’t know the top was opening up. I’m going to have to fix that!

It turned out to be a magical night. We got there at 8:55 pm, fully expecting to pay for parking. The attendant told us if we went to a different parking lot, it would be free at 9:00. Score! Free parking!

We headed straight for California Adventure and ran into the parade.

Disneyland Crochet Backpack.jpg

We had never seen that one, so we watched a little bit of it over peoples heads, but we opted to go on a ride instead. I figured the lines would be short since everyone was watching the parade, so off we went to Guardians of the Galaxy (my favorite). Bonus, the walk to the ride was up against the parade so we got a great a view of it while walking.

Disneyland Crochet Backpack_1

I was trying to catch Ariel but we got King Triton.

It was awesome! Then, when we got near the ride, we had to wait for a break in the parade so we could cross. We had a front row view of it.

When we got to the ride, it was only a 25 minute wait. Even better, while in line, we got to finish watching the parade up close and personal. Then, the fireworks started. So picture it, in line, parade going by and the fireworks exploding above it! It felt all romantical  and magical.

So free parking, full view of the parade, fireworks in the background, short line, and handsome hubby next to me. Score!

We were hungry so we high-tailed it to Disneyland. We jumped in line for some skewers (the ones across from Indiana Jones) and they closed the line behind us. Lucky! But it was a lucky night. When it was our turn, they upgraded my hubby’s drink for free from a small to a large. Then when our food came, they doubled everything we ordered for free again! Why? Because we were the last customers for the night. Magical.

Disneyland Crochet Backpack_3.jpg


We got on Indie and Big Thunder and the lines were only 15 minutes each. I know what you’re thinking. It was late on a Sunday night so of course the lines would be short. What’s so magical about that? Not so fast. We’ve been there plenty of times on a Sunday night and the lines aren’t necessarily short. It was the whole package that was magical. Everything just seemed to go right. It was such a perfect night out with my hubby.

I’m thinking it was the crochet backpack. It held up well and it was comfortable on my back. It must be a lucky backpack. 🙂

How I did it

I took eight complementary squares, took 4 each and single crocheted them together to create two large square panels.

crochet squares wip

I made a long strip that went around the edges of the squares. I made the strip in tunisian simple stitch the with of one of the squares. Then, I single crocheted it on along the edges of my beg squares. I single crocheted around the top with a few decreases so it wouldn’t be so floppy. The straps were two long strands of single crochet with a single crochet edging. I had a little trouble with the straps but I finally got them squared away. I went with a drawstring top with some thick string I had lying around. I might change that, though, since the color doesn’t match.

Crochet backpac_1

Overall I’m satisfied with how it came out.



11 thoughts on “Crochet Squares Backpack Completed

  1. This is such a nice mixture of Tunisian and standard crochet. I’ve bookmarked this because I want to make one. Or two or three or four! My mom’s birthday is approaching.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Second of all, the food looks delicious! And first of all, that backpack (aside from being gorgeous) is absolutely magical and worked its powers all over the place.


  3. Love your crochet bag! I have not done crochet in a while, but this is a project that I think I could do. I don’t like big projects – I get tired of doing the same thing for too long – but this one looks like fun! And so useful too.

    Liked by 1 person

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