Freebie Friday – Habitat Cardigan

Habitat Cardigan

That yarn (Red Heart Unforgettable in Tealberry) for the first cami kept calling to me. It’s so pretty, and now that I purchased more to finish the cami, I had extra. I had one full skein and one slightly used skein. I racked my brains about what I could make with it that I would actually wear, when I found a pattern for a nice looking cardigan. It’s the Habitat Cardigan and it looks easy to make. The site has a video and links to the printed pattern. Bonus!

Crochet Habitat Cardigan

Not my photos. I got them from her site.

My yarn isn’t the one called for so I’m hoping it works, but so far, I like how it looks.

Crochet Habitat Cardigan Wip

This stitch reminds me of scales and waves. I might use it for another mermaid costume.

I knew I didn’t have enough yarn to finish this project so I hunted down a coupon that was 50% off one item and it was only good for one day! I figured out I needed 8 more skeins. I know, I know, I shouldn’t have started the cardigan with just one full and one partial skein of yarn. I realize it’s a dangerous thing to do. What if Michael’s runs out or the yarn gets discontinued? To add insult to injury, hubby loved how the pattern for my cardigan was working out. At the stage it was in, he said it looked like the kind of scarf he wanted. He said the colors were perfect. Ok, so now I needed enough yarn to make him a scarf too (I was secretly pleased that he wanted me to make him a scarf and not put out at all). At the very least, I had enough yarn to make him a scarf, that is, If I didn’t find more.

With only one day to get my yarn, I invited (threatened, coerced, cajoled) my hubby and son to go with me so they could use their own coupon to get my yarn. We found the yarn, but they didn’t have eight, only five. I nabbed them before anyone else did. While I was rummaging around in the bins looking for the right color, hubby saw another yarn from Lion Brand. It’s called Shawl in a Ball and the color is Peaceful Earth. How fancy!  He said THAT looked better for his scarf. Hmmm, that yarn was pretty expensive AND that meant one more trip through the line as we could only use one coupon per transaction.

Previously, they had let me use one coupon on three skeins of yarn as a courtesy. I was hoping they would be courteous again. I now had six skeins of yarn so I gave one to each of them and I took four. I didn’t want to put them through trying to convince the cashier to be courteous. I’m sure my hubby wouldn’t have minded but my son would have been mortified.

We each went to separate lines and I was able to get three again with the coupon but they couldn’t do four, so I made one more trip through the line. I was not about to pay full price! I would have gotten back in line 20 times!

I wanted to go to another store to get the rest of what I needed but I gave up with five. I’ll wait for another coupon and go another day. If I can’t find it again, I’ve got enough to get most of the project done. I can substitute a different color for the sleeves and edging. I can already see it. I might even do that on purpose. 🙂

When I got home, I stopped my project and made my hubby’s scarf. I finished it right before I went to bed. I used the same stitch I’m using for the cardigan but it looks slightly different in the scarf. The yarn was a bit more fiddly than the Red Heart yarn. It was easier to make mistakes (which I did) but harder to notice them, which was nice. It meant I didn’t have to frog it back. It was super simple to make. He didn’t want it too wide and he didn’t want any fringe. After a few rows back and forth, I handed it over. Hubby loved it and wore it right away. 🙂

Fred's scarf.jpg

Check out our new front yard. Everything is new. The tree is supposed to flower something beautiful soon. My front yard has become a perfect backdrop for my crochet. 🙂



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