Tunisian Crochet Dolls

I love doing Tunisian crochet. I fell in love with it when I was trying to follow a pattern for a cell phone case. It said crochet but it looked like knitting. I was intrigued enough to look into it for several reasons. One, I wanted to make that phone case and two, I didn’t like knitting but liked the look of knitting. So I could pretend to knit while crocheting? I definitely needed to do that.

So after I learned how to do it and finished my phone case, I was hooked. It became a permanent part of my repertoire. But I like making dolls and I had to figure out how to make them using this method. I didn’t know at the time you could do Tunisian crochet in the round so I looked at it as cloth and what shapes I would need in order to sew them together to make a doll. I got to work and created these dolls.

Tunisian Peanut doll.jpg

I used Tunisian Knit stitch on this one. The top of her dress was Tunisian simple stitch. My hubby said she looked like a peanut.

Modified doll.jpg

I used Tunisian simple stitch to make this one. My son said she looked like a Nutter Butter cookie before I put clothes on her. 

The images aren’t great. The dolls were made a long time ago and they are long gone. I took snapshots as a memory. I wasn’t worried about the quality of the shot. I wish I had worried but hindsight and all that.

After those two, I wanted to make a large baby doll and this doll was born.


The body was Tunisian knit stitch. The diaper was in Tunisian simple stitch.


Her outfit was in Tunisian simple stitch.


Except for the border, I used Tunisian simple stitch for the pillow.

Then I learned how to do Tunisian in the round. This doll was born from this knowledge.


I can’t remember if I made the body in the round (probably not)  but the dress was. I sold this one at one of my craft fairs.

I made the face of this doll with Tunisian knit stitch. People who knit thought I knitted the doll!

WA Doll 5.2016_6

When I first learned about Tunisian crochet, I didn’t see any dolls or toys made from it. Now I’m starting to see more toys but no dolls. I still think it’s a great stitch to make dolls. I have a book idea on making these dolls. I actually had this idea ages ago. I should have done it then when this concept couldn’t be found. But still, there’s no time like the present. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Tunisian Crochet Dolls

  1. Nice work! I’m glad you have a photo memory of the ones that are “long gone.” Sometime they will probably come in handy for changing your “standard doll” if you ever decide to alter them.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Tina! When I discovered Tunisian in the round, I couldn’t figure it out. You need to use double ended crochet hooks that I ran out to buy. The written directions that came with the hooks were not clear to me. I gave up on it for awhile but tried again with different directions and finally got it. It’s worth learning for sure.


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