Disney Mickey Mouse Ears Crochet Ideas

Sometimes (always) I can become a little (a lot) focused (obsessed) about certain projects. We all remember the sweaters/coats I made. I just wanted to make one and ended up making three because I kept thinking the next one would be better. As it turns out, the first one is my favorite.

Then there was my Minecraft phase where it was all about Minecraft. That rolled into my Pokemon phase where I was making all kinds of Pokeballs. Oh, and the puppet phase. There are plenty of other phases I’ve gone through and right now I’m in the middle of my ‘Disney Mickey Mouse Ears’ stage. I have mouse ears coming out of my ears!

Let’s start at the beginning of the first ‘Ears’ phase. Awhile back, I crocheted my own hats to wear at Disneyland because we had passes. I wanted something unique and I made two for me and one for my hubby.

Crochet Mickey Mouse Ears copy.jpg

The first hat I made. This one was for me of course. 🙂

Crochet Mickey Mouse Ears.jpg

This one came second. The bow helped the ears stand upright.

Crochet Mickey Mouse Ears grey.jpg

This one was for hubby. He got many compliments whenever he wore it.

We bought Disneyland passes last May after a long hiatus and one of the first things I noticed was how creative the Mickey Ears had gotten. Now they even have headbands! I thought it was wonderful since it’s usually hot in Southern California. On our first visit, I crocheted a quick set of Mickey Ears on a headband while we were in line for Tower of Terror. They were simple and I wore them for subsequent  visits.


Crochet Mickey Mouse Ears _1.jpg

I added a bow and neatend it up a bit.

Walking around during those visits, ideas kept swirling around in my head (never a good thing!). We all know my failed attempt at mermaid ears. That’s what happens when ideas swirl in my head.


Are those broccoli, shrimp, eyes?

I took that top part off and I think they look fine as Mickey Ears of indeterminate theme. 🙂

Crochet Mickey Mouse Ears _2

No more identity crisis.

When I wore them again, hubby didn’t recognize them as my failed mermaid ears. He didn’t recognize them at all. He just thought they were another set of ears so I guess they’re fine now.

We went again about a week ago and it was finally cool enough to wear one of my beanie hats. I wore that first pink one.

Crochet Mickey Mouse Ears .jpg

The moment I stepped into Disneyland, off the Monorail in Tomorrowland, someone stopped me and asked where I got my hat. My hubby proudly announced that I made it. It was a very cool feeling. After that, one ear kept flopping back. I thought I had fixed that ages ago! At least they were at attention long enough for the compliment. But no worries, it’s been stabilized and it’s all good now. 🙂

When I got home, I wasted no time in scheming up more ears. I turned to trusty Pinterest and the world wide web for inspiration. I also sat in silence picturing the myriad of ears I had seen while I was at Disneyland. When I finally settled on some options, I got to work. And here are the results:

Crochet Mickey Mouse Ears Ariel Mermaid

I made another attempt at mermaid ears. I might add a shell or some pearls. Haven’t decided. 

I’m working on another set of mermaid ears that are different than these and I have a third option planned as well.

Then I saw the official Jack Skellington Ears that Disney sells and knew I could easily make those. I am very proud of my version. The ears are strong and stable. No more flopping around.

Crochet Mickey Mouse Ears Jack Skellington.jpg

My new favorite! Sorry pink ears. 

And I’m not done yet. I have a set I made at work for the kids. It’s another mermaid one. It’s simple but I wanted to add a few more things to it so it’s obviously Ariel inspired. I  tried to crochet a fork but it kept looking like fingers. I didn’t give up though. Eventually it looked somewhat like a fork.

Crochet Mickey Mouse Ears Ariel Mermaid_1.jpg

It has a Flintstones vibe going on! Life-size doll rocks the headband.

At first they thought the headband looked like purple and green panda ears. LOL But with the fork and bow, they got what it was supposed to be (after I pointed it out). Then they got super excited. Now they have their own ideas of what they want me to make. They even asked if I would make them Mickey Ears when they reach queen or king status on our star chart. If they ask, I will crochet them a crown on their big day. Otherwise, they get a cute paper crown. Honestly, it’s just as easy to make the Ears as it is to make the crowns. So I’m all in!

I’m trying all sorts of things in order to figure out the ultimate solution for mermaid ears. I’ll probably end up with 20 versions, but version 21 will be the best mermaid ears ever!

So in conclusion, I need to make more! This phase has only just begun!


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