Holiday Organizing

I get three weeks off from work this year and normally, I’d be crocheting like crazy but I actually wasn’t this year. Right before our break, I was crocheting like crazy for the kids at work, and even brought some projects home, but once vacation started, nada, zilch, nothing.

What was I doing with all my free time I hear you ask? Cleaning, decluttering, organizing and reorganizing! As I  mentioned in a previous post, my adult daughter was moving back home and we (and by we I mean me)  needed to make room for her. The room she would be occupying is actually not a room but a formal dining room off the kitchen that has been used for everything but actual dining. In its present incarnation, it was serving as my library and general catch-all. I had bought cabinets to house my vacuums, brooms, and photography equipment. All that stuff had to go! Somewhere else! She wanted to keep the cabinets so I had to find these things new hidey holes.

She was moving in a week before Christmas and we host a family gathering so the house had to be ready by Christmas Eve. I worked in stages. I had to empty the room so she could start moving her stuff in. Everything got dumped in into the living room. Once it was in the living room, I had to weed out what had to go. Finding homes for everything was a chore and letting go of things was even harder…but I did it.

The books were the hardest. I have a huge collection and she wanted one of my bookshelves. That meant I had to release a whole book shelf of books! I did donate a bunch of them but I just wasn’t ready to get rid of all of them so I got very creative at stacking the books in the shelves.


Just a snippet of all my shelves but this is how I made all my books fit. Stacked from top to bottom and in layers. It’s a little cluttered but they all (mostly all) fit!

I was pretty proud of myself. 🙂

Getting the living room cleaned up wasn’t easy but I managed to get it looking as good as it was going to look, but that meant all my stuff ended up in closets that also had to get reorganized and weeded out and in my office. My office. It was wall to wall stuff. I kept closing the door. When I needed to go in there, I was tripping over all the clutter.

Now that Christmas was over, it was time to tackle the office/craft room. My room has my computer, my table for shooting photography and video and all my craft stuff. It was time for an overhaul. I had recently rearranged the furniture and I didn’t like it.  It couldn’t remain that way. I spent a few days moving things around and tossing things out and actually ended up with a room I’m super happy with.


Ok, that looks cluttered but it’s not, really. It’s cozy. 🙂


See? The floor is clean and very roomy (although it’s hard to tell). At least I can shoot pictures and videos again.

I made a yarn wall that looks great but I’m a little nervous that my yarn is going to get super dusty.


I like my new yarn/craft wall but beware the dust!

I see all these pictures online for yarn organization and I don’t do it because of the dust. But I went for it. It looks nice but I forsee having to beat the yarn every day to avoid the dust. We’ll see. My friend asked where all the dolls were and I pointed to a bin in the corner. She insisted they needed to be out an on display so they made onto the yarn wall. 🙂 I even managed to get all my artwork up. It’s a combination of prints I like and art my children have done for me. After it was all done,  I even impressed my 17-year-old son who said it was so roomy now even though I just moved things around.

I felt pretty proud I could impress a 17-year-old.

Did I mention I had to make room for her in the kitchen too? An adult comes with her own dishes and pots and pans. Does it sound like it’s been a crazy month? It has, it has. But things are settled now, spaces look good and functional and I’m loving my office/craft room and she and her pups are loving her space.

But I’m not done yet. I have one more week before I go back to work and it’s time to tackle the garage! The horror!

11 thoughts on “Holiday Organizing

  1. The yarn in the plastic drawers will be safe, but yeah, the skeins you have on shelves could collect dust. You could try covering the front of the shelf with fabric or a towel or something, though, so you don’t have to be so attentive to the dust thing. Also, good for you on getting organized!

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  2. Great job Yolanda!! I would love to have some yarn shelves here but dust AND dog hair would be covering everything!!! I like the see through plastic bins because I NEED to see all of my yarn! 😀 😀 😀

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    • I had a lot of the yarn in clear plastic tubs the pretzels from Costco come in. They’re great but they took up so much room! I finally got rid of most (but not all) of them. The yarn fits better in the cubbies but I need to come up with something for dust. Curtains over the openings is probably the best solution but I want to make sure it looks good. And I hated getting rid of my pretzel bins. I always want to find some use for them but that’s an impossible task. I buy them for the kids at work so it’s an endless supply. I’m constantly asking family members if they want them. At first they did but now they’re turning me down. Lol It’s Costco’s fault for making such a sturdy container! Lol

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