Freebie Friday – Tunisian Crochet Phone Case

I haven’t done a Freebie Friday in a while, mainly because I haven’t had as much time to dig around the internet for cool patterns (or write up my own). But since I was tasked (forced) to make something for CYC course, it seemed like a no brainer to share it. Ok, no one tasked (forced) me. Making your own pattern was optional, but since I went ahead and wrote up my own pattern, here it is. 🙂

Tunisian crochet mobile-phone case

Tunisian phone case_1

Tunisian phone case_2

Tunisian phone case_4

Tunisian phone case_5


Any yarn can be used with corresponding hook


Optional clasp or clip


Tunisian simple stitch = tss

Tunisian knit stitch = tks

single crochet = sc

slip stitch = ss

decrease = dec


Each row consists of two parts – the forward pass (worked right-to-left if you are right-handed), in which the loops are picked up and held on your cook and the return pass (left-to-right), in which the stitches are worked back off the loop. There is no “turning the work” in Tunisian crochet.

It is important to count your loops constantly to make sure you always have the correct amount.

Decreases are made on the return pass. At the beginning of the return, pull off two loops, at the end of the return, pull off three loops.


Make a foundation chain 4 chains longer than the width of your phone.

Pick up a loop in the second chain from the hook in the back bump. Pick up loops in the back bump of the rest of the chain. Make your return row.

Make five rows in tss and five rows in tks. Repeat this pattern, alternating five rows of each stitch until the fabric is long enough to fold over both sides of the phone. It doesn’t matter which stitch you end with as long as you complete five rows of it.

Bind off on the last row. Do not fasten off.

Fold your fabric in half so the rows are horizontal.

ss into the corner of the other side.

Sew the two sides together with sc in the back loops. Fasten off.

With the same side facing you, starting at the bottom of the other side, sc up to the top, making sure to make the same amount of sc’s as on the other side. Do not fasten off.

Sc in the back loop around the rim of the case opening.

ss into the first sc

Go around the rim again but this time, ss in the back loop, fastening off on the last stitch. This tightens the opening a little bit.

Weave in all ends.


Row 1: Pick the side that will be the back of your phone case. Pick up 10 loops so that they are in the center of the case (same amount of unworked stitches on either side of the loops), and make your return pass.

Row 2: tks across (10 lps), there will be a dec at the beginning and the end of the return pass (8 returns).

Row 3: tks across (8 lps) (forward and return pass)

Row 4: tks across (8 lps), there will be a dec at the beginning and the end of the return pass (6 returns).

Row 5: tks across (6 lps) (forward and return pass)

Row 6: tks across (6 lps), there will be a dec at the beginning and the end of the return pass (4 returns).

Row 7: tks across (4 lps) (forward and return pass)

Ch 3, ss in last stitch, button hole made, slip stitch down the left side of the closure

Fasten off and weave in ends.

Add a button that fits the hole

Optional, add clasp or clip to back of case or add a strap if desired.



11 thoughts on “Freebie Friday – Tunisian Crochet Phone Case

  1. I love Tunisian and haven’t picked up my long hooks in a very very long time!! This is so cute and practical Yolanda. You’re so smart and clever!! I never think to make things like this. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

      • I may break down and finally learn how to knit this winter. After Christmas of course, there is just NO time now. I keep seeing all of these amazing knitted things on everyone else’s blogs. I have a Tunisian design in mind to make a Log Cabin style blanket. I don’t have the extenders for my Tunisian hooks so the yarn gets too bunched up. I guess I could just buy hooks with the extenders but LOL that would be too easy!!! 😀 😀 😀

        Liked by 2 people

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