A Nudge From Mom – Swatch Found

Yay! I found it! {Jumping up and down with glee} Where was it? I’m embarrassed to say, but I will confess. It was nowhere near where it was supposed to be. I’m also pretty sure I checked there already and didn’t see it.

See that mess that is the top shelf of my craft closet? See those clear bags with junk in them? The one on the top left has scraps of rags I sometimes use for stuffing my dolls. It’s sitting on top of the looms.  I rifled through that yesterday (among every other place in my office/craft room) looking for the swatch. And I do mean RIFLED! I didn’t find it. The clear bag on the right sandwiched  between a white bag on top and a white bag below was pulled out as well. That one has baby clothes in the event I want to make large dolls.


The swatch was on top of and to the back of the clear bag on the top left.

Knowing it was originally in a clear pouch that had other mis-matched pieces of crochet I didn’t know where else to put (things like little flowers and bows, disembodied doll arms and legs and my mom’s swatches), I opened up my big blue bin.


Top right, clear plastic, catch-all bag where my swatch was supposed to be.

That pouch with crocheted orphans was in the bin with my finished crochet items I still have. Things like hats, beanies, crochet wigs, scarves, hook cases, you get the idea. All those things are inside those crocheted bags. So yesterday, all those things were taken out in the hopes that instead of putting the swatch back in its clear bag, I just left it out. No dice. My next assumption was that maybe I put it in one of those other clear bags on top of my shelf. Didn’t find it there either. Then I tore up the rest of the room looking for it. I opened drawers, looked in craft bags, and searched under other items. Nope.

Today, I replied to a comment from Lyncrain. She said my mom must be smiling about my last post (as did others-thank you all πŸ™‚). I replied that I wished mom would give me a nudge in the right direction. But I can’t be waiting for a nudge from heaven so I tried to search smart today. I knew I had seen it recently. I knew I had put it in one of those clear plastic bags like the ones on the shelf. I vaguely remember having taken the swatch out to look at it. But I couldn’t remember where I set it down or if I put it back in the pouch.

Well, after replying to Lyncrain about mom giving me a nudge, I tried again. This time, I talked to mom in my head asking for help while I was searching. I hadn’t actually opened those clear bags on the shelf yesterday, I just took them down and looked through the clear plastic. Today I was going to open them up even though I didn’t think I would have put the swatch in there. There is no crochet in either bag but hey, I’d already looked where I thought it should be. It was time to look in unexpected places.

I reached up to bring the pouch with rags down when the swatch fell on my head! Huh??? It was on top of the pouch and in the back? But I moved it yesterday! Or did I? I know I picked it up but maybe I just lifted to get a better look and the swatch was hidden from my view the whole time, lurking in the background. It didn’t make any sense. Why in the heck did I toss it up there? I had to use a step stool to reach the pouch. I just can’t see myself having tossed it up there but I guess I did. And this time that I went looking for it, it fell on my head.

My sister came over today and jokingly said my mom probably slapped me with it for losing it. Yeah, it would be something mom would do. My mom would do it lovingly of course. πŸ™‚

I’m just glad I found it. Now I need mom to help me find my watch. πŸ™‚ I know, I’m being a pest now but I’m sure mom won’t mind.


16 thoughts on “A Nudge From Mom – Swatch Found

  1. I’m so glad for you that you found it! I know that searches for the ‘safe place’ can drive one bonkers πŸ˜…
    Before I read the last paragraph, I was going to say that your Mom got tired of watching your frantic search, and threw it at you 😏

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  2. What a great story! I’m so glad that your mom helped you find the swatch. And not for nothing but your craft closet looks a lot like mine. I even keep my finished crochet in a big plastic storage container like you do!

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  3. Mom’s have their way of making their presence known, don’t they? I chuckled when I read it hit you right on the head. Yup, Mom was with you. I enjoyed reading your entry today.
    I’m happy you found your swatch. Why not frame it and hang it on the wall since you have such a wonderful memory shared with Mom and your children.

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    • I didn’t even think of that. That’s a great idea! And then I wouldn’t lose it again. πŸ˜‚ As soon as I figure out her pattern, I’m going to do that. Now that I can compare the two swatches, I can see mom did hers a little differently. The video I found is good and it’s a good place to start but mom fills more of the frame with the little squares. Now I feel like I can figure out what she did.

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  4. I can totally relate to this scenario. I have yarn stashed all around the house because of limited space. Recently, I found a forgotten stash when I trying to find an old letter for my husband. I am so glad you saved the swatches. They may seem worthless to someone else but it ls a treasure that can never be replaced.

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  5. I really think you have a few invisible helpers Yolanda!! What a great story this is. I agree with Lynn – you should take any swatches you find and put them in some nice frames. πŸ˜€

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    • After I wrote the post, I started thinking maybe it wasn’t mom who helped after all. Maybe it was the prankster who dropped it on my head. But hubby thought the prankster hid it in the first place. LOL And then, mom told the prankster to give it back. Ok, now I’m inventing all kinds of scenarios. It was probably my good search skills that found the piece but it’s so much more fun to think otherwise. πŸ™‚

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