Craft Yarn Council Certification- Pass or Fail

swatches level 1_1.jpg

I passed! I passed! I had my exit call with my master teacher. It was a great phone conversation. Right off the bat, she was really nice. As the time drew nearer for our scheduled talk, I got more and more nervous. Was my portfolio any good? Did I make any mistakes that would cause me to fail? Were my lesson plans too long or not clear? Was she going to ask me something I didn’t know how to answer? This call could be disastrous! Yep, I was getting pretty wound up there.

But none of that happened. She put me at ease right away and was very conversational and friendly. She told me my portfolio was beautiful and very impressive but that I must know that already. I did not! It was very organized, that I knew. I did the best I could with the swatches but you never know what someone else might think but I knew I could present my work in the best light possible. So it was nice that she noticed.

She said I did an excellent job of weaving in my ends. She felt up the swatches looking for bumps from the weavings and said she couldn’t feel any. It was very cool that she mentioned that because you should have seen me stressing over the weaving of my ends! I made painstakingly sure you couldn’t see them. The directions said to make sure your work looked finished and if it didn’t look right to do it again. I made sure it was right! It felt good to be recognized for it.

We did discuss my lesson plans because I didn’t include lessons for teaching beyond the single crochet. She said they were very clear and detailed but that they didn’t include the other basic stitches. My lessons were geared towards children and I know from experience that the kids most likely wouldn’t get beyond the single crochet in three lessons. So we talked about that and I explained that I have taught adults all the basic stitches and beyond and that although I didn’t have any current lesson plans for adults, I was confident I could write some up. I thought I was going to have to do just that and resubmit but she was satisfied with my answers.

She said she really liked my final project. The final project was three lesson plans for three classes that included an easy crochet pattern for the students to complete. It could be your own pattern or a commercial one. I had to make my own pattern of course! It was this little guy below. He led to a discussion about how and why I developed this kind of toy. It was so my kiddos at work wouldn’t get discouraged about not being able to make the dolls I was making. If they learned single crochet, which many of them did, they could make a doll like this one. And this style is so adaptable. It could become anything. The kids can really stretch their imaginations. Once they learn increases and decreases, the sky’s the limit with these rag dolls. I’ve made Spiderman, Superman, Batman, Mario, and a bunch from Minecraft. They are really fun and easy.

Square rag doll

Overall, I’m glad I went through the course and it was great to get feedback from a master teacher. It forced me to be intimate with gauge and blocking. Something I knew how to do but never bothered with. It was time I bothered. She let me know I could contact her if I had any questions or needed her help in any way. It was a pleasure talking to her and I hope I get her again as my master teacher for level two.

So now it’s time for level two. πŸ™‚ This time around, I’ll make sure to include all the stitches in the lesson plans. I’m thinking the mermaid puppet would make a good advanced project. I’ll put the fancier stitches in the body and tail. There are increases and decreases aplenty and it’s done in the round and in rows so I think I have everything covered. Or maybe one of my coats, but you can’t put a coat into a plastic sleeve so maybe not. πŸ˜‰

35 thoughts on “Craft Yarn Council Certification- Pass or Fail

      • I’m interested in everything you post! Also, I have considered doing the master class thing so it’s cool to see what it’s like to do it. The only thing that holds me back is that I don’t teach crochet classes and I’m not sure I could ever find work doing such a thing where I live.

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      • That’s very sweet of you to say! I mainly did this one to give me more credibility if I ever choose to run some classes on my own. I can now say I’m certified. πŸ™‚ I don’t think it’s necessary to take it in order to be a good teacher, though. And the Craft Yarn Council has a ton of stuff for free to help people with ideas on how to teach. I plan on doing the Master’s program through the Crochet Guild once I’m done with level two with the craft yarn council. That one seems more challenging. The Crochet and Knitting Guild is highly respected and I’m highly looking forward to being considered a master crocheter, if I pass that is. If you’re interested in a Masters program, I say go for it! Has nothing to do with teaching and more to do with challenging yourself. I’d love to see your experience if you decide to do it.

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