Crocheting at Disneyland

After a hiatus from Disneyland, we have once again purchased passes. It’s been a few years but we can return to the magical kingdom and it’s overcrowded premises any time we want (blackouts and restrictions apply ๐Ÿ˜œ). But I’m not complaining (maybe just a little) because we knew what to expect and got passes anyway. Having passes makes it easier to strategically plan our visits. We don’t have little kids to worry about anymore so we can be stealthy and hit just the rides we want to get on and then skedaddle.

Which is exactly what we did on Sunday. We wanted to ride the new Guardians of the Galaxy ride (formerly the Tower of Terror) but the wait times have consistently been over three hours! So we planned our sneak attack. We would get up really really early and get there before the line grew too long. We did manage to get up early-ish and made it before the line got to two hours (it took us a mere hour and 40 minutes). It wasn’t the dream scenario (an hour or less would have been better) but at least it wasn’t three hours. It didn’t help that it turned out to be a very hot day and I didn’t take any sun block. I didn’t think I would burn in the short time we were supposed to be there. Boy was I wrong! And half the time we were in line, we were in the shade! Woefully unprepared!

I concocted a plan that involved taking my crochet along with me to make the time pass more quickly while we were in line. I did feel a little guilty that I might embarrass my hubby and my 17-year-old son but I went prepared anyway (and they didn’t care either way). I pulled out my hook and yarn and started crocheting a Mickey-ears headband. While I was busy keeping myself entertained with crochet challenges, my son noticed a sign behind me.

Disney sign.jpg

It says Yolanda!

Disney sign at Disney.jpg

I’m Yolanda! You can see the hook and yarn in my hand too. ๐Ÿ™‚

I finished my first ear and realized I didn’t take any scissors. So much for being prepared.ย I changed direction, ripped back my ear and re-thought how to proceed without scissors. Instead of working the ears separately, I would make them in a continuous piece and then add the headband part as a continuous add-on as well. It was working out pretty well. I had my yarn in my Tinkerbell backpack. I left the zipper open so I could pull out yarn while the backpack was on my back.

Proof I can walk and crochet at the same time!

I was going to throw the headband back in my bag and cut it and weave in the ends when I got home but hubby is always looking out for me and helped me cut the yarn with a key. It was raggedy but it worked!

crochet Mickey ears.jpg

I finished the headband in an hour and only had 40 minutes left to wait.

We finally got on the ride and loved it. I mentioned that it’s been awhile since we’ve been to Disneyland. So long, in fact, that my son didn’t remember that I scream on scary rides. My son is bigger than me now and I was squeezing his arm and screaming my head off. Good times! I don’t usually buy the pictures from the rides but I couldn’t resist this one. My hubby and son look so handsome, I had to have it.

We are the three in the very front on the right. How do they look so cool while I’m screaming my head off?

We were going to leave to get some Dole Whip at Disneyland but we noticed that the single-riders line for Cars was pretty short (if you consider 30 minutes short!) so we jumped right in. It worked out that I got to sit next to my son anyway and hubby rode in the same group of cars that we did so that was a lucky break. By the time we got out of that ride, we were all too hungry (and I was sunburned like crazy) to run over to Disneyland for the Whip. We would have to go through the Disneyland line and then go stand in line again for the Whip. Sometimes the line for that is longer than the lines for the rides. No one wanted to get into another line so we left to have lunch. We all had a good time but I need to go back and get my delicious pineapple frozen treat!

27 thoughts on “Crocheting at Disneyland

  1. You are so clever Yolanda!! And now we know from that sign what your stage name is!! I would love to see you do some Jazz Tap dancing in your next youtube video!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

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  2. It looks like so much fun! It’s funny because when we went to Disney last time, the only pic we bought was from the tower or terror ๐Ÿ˜Š I have to start bringing my crochet to theme parks too!

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    • I only bought the pic because 1)we were in the front row 2) hubby and son actually looked like they were posing AND looked good doing it and 3) I didn’t look too horrible. All things aligned just right!
      I hope you do crochet while there. It makes the time in line fly by.

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  3. This is such a smart way to keep entertained while you’re in line! I see way too many people stuck on their phones in line, and kind of cutting themselves out of the Disney life going on around them. This keeps you tuned in to what’s going on, and even brings in a special little extra magic to Disney. Love the idea!

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