Clean Office Space

My office is a mess. It’s cluttered and I’m tripping over yarn balls and craft bags full of more yarn balls. I’m getting entangled in works in progress and I’m moving piles of papers around and around on my desk, hunting for some other paper.


office mess_1.jpg

This is after a few hours of clean up!

It’s time to clean my room! I started yesterday and focused my energies on fixing my space. Half of what’s in here can probably go and I wouldn’t miss it. The hard part will be to actually let it go, but I’m determined to make it happen. I bought a standing desk contraption that you place on an existing desk and that’s what sparked this cleaning frenzy. I wanted to set it up right away but my desk was a disaster zone. I started thinking that it would be nice to set it up in a nice, clean room, as opposed to just dumping all the stuff on my desk on my photography table (which is what I did anyway).

office mess.jpg

Not bad. It’s starting to look good.

Once it was set up and I was trying it out, the clutter was just poking me in the back so I tackled the mess with single-minded determination. I’ve even tossed out a few things (I donate, I toss nothing!). My room is not done but it’s getting there. Now, do I even like my standing desk? I do! At least I do for now. I am so relieved! I was worried I was going to hate it. I also bought a funky chair that you can lean on or sit on if standing becomes tiring. That may have been a waste of money because I’m preferring the standing but we’ll see.

I’ll post the clean results as soon as it’s all beautiful. I’ll take a picture right away because I’m sure it won’t last long. πŸ˜‰

11 thoughts on “Clean Office Space

    • My husband has been cleaning his office too. His has a thousand more things than I do. I wouldn’t dare touch his office. That would lead to divorce! But I was actually able to walk in there and not knock something over. The moral of this story is that he and I need bigger rooms so all or stuff fits! πŸ˜‚

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      • Vic’s office unfortunately is located right off our kitchen and is visible to everyone because there is no door to close. There is a office on the lower level beside the family room but he didn’t like being down there alone. He promised to keep it neat but that didn’t last long πŸ˜” I have a desk in the kitchen area too that’s never like his. I’m kind of OCD about putting things in their place, even my sewing room is neat. I can’t function with chaos whereas Vic creates it daily.

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      • Luckily hubby and I both have doors. πŸ™‚ His office is in constant chaos but it works for him. I alternate between letting it get cluttered and then going on a cleaning frenzy. I can only function in the chaos for so long.

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  1. Great job Yolanda! I wish I had one room that I could make my office/craft room. Right now my space is my entire house!! I have yarn and wips everywhere!! I would love to say that you have motivated me to take charge of my yarn and other crafty supplies but I’m afraid to move anything because I’m worried I’ll lose something!! LOL

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    • Once my daughter moved out several years ago, I didn’t waste any time taking over her room. It was my library/office and then my office/photography room and now my office/craft/photography/library (for craft/photography/personal growth books)room. But that still doesn’t contain me. I end up with bags of WIPS in my bedroom, and crochet hooks, and little yarn scraps everywhere. Lol Love my hubby, he doesn’t complain as he has to move another bag to get to his dresser. πŸ™‚

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