Playing With Stitch Markers

I was spending a few minutes (turned into hours) reading blogs and came across a post by Katie at Creating Time about some stitch markers she made. I’ve tried making a few stitch markers from time to time but nothing I was happy with. In my day to day, I use clasp earrings that open and close easily but are secure when they are perpetrating as stitch markers. They work great, but then I saw her post and I was inspired to pull out all my little pendants I never wear because they are little and any little charms that were just floating around. I dismantled my terrible, DIY stitch markers I had made before to salvage the clasps and got to work.

DIY Stitch Markers.JPG

I pulled out my handy dandy pliers and my reading glasses and rummaged around for round circles I could use to attach my pendants/charms to the clasps. I found a little broken chain that was perfect. I’m a little concerned that the rings are too flimsy but only time will tell.

I don’t know if my handy-work will stand the test of time but they sure are pretty.

Stitch markers.JPG

6 thoughts on “Playing With Stitch Markers

  1. That’s an interesting way to make crochet stitch markers. I remember another crocheting blogger who has since gone off the radar and deleted her blog made a nice tutorial for crochet stitch markers using various jewellery findings. I’ve been thinking about making some for crochet (I’ve made some for knitting in the past that I use a lot that don’t make sense for crochet). These ones here have lots of possibilities for knitting and crochet, actually. It’s all about that mighty clasp I see. It could hang from a knitting needle or a crochet stitch. You’ll be adding your more personal touches to yours in no time. I also love the earring idea. That’s some nice eye candy for pimping the project at club meetings.

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    • It’s really funny when people ask me why I have earrings on my projects. Other crocheters usually pause for a second wondering if it’s a decoration and then love the idea once they realize what it is. :-). It definitely is all about that mighty clasp. Those little round crochet ones drive me nuts when they fall off and I have to try and figure out where they were! I only use them as a last resort now.

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  2. Those are so pretty Yolanda!! Your creative cleverness never ceases to amaze me!! Your lovely bling stitch markers make the safety pins that I use look more like a “punk” style LOL!! 😀 To be honest though I almost never use stitch markers unless I absolutely have to. I do have several scraps of paper laying around with hash marks all over them that I track any counting I need to do. Of course if I ever lose track of my counts and need to refer to the scraps of paper I will never be able to tell which one is the one I should look at!! 😀

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    • Lol. We all have our systems that work for us. I crochet in the round a lot so I need my stitch markers! I’ve used the ones that don’t have a closure and I find myself in the same position as you when they fall out. Lol And since I need them, they might as well work the way I need them to. I tried safety pins and didn’t like how much time they took to take off. When working small rounds, I have to put them on and take them off a lot! It has to be easy and secure. I found these little ones that are safety pin like but are quicker and easier to remove. I use those too.

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