Red and Black Crochet Puppet

I handed over my finished puppet to her new 5th grade owner after a day of celebrating our 5th graders. I said a few words about how much I will miss them, because I will. Two of them have been with me since kindergarten. That’s six years with the same students. It’s always bitter sweet to see them go, knowing most of them will disappear without a trace as they move on to middle school. Sometimes, they come back to visit or I run in to them when I’m out and about, but for the most part, on the last day, they’re just gone. I give them a big hug on their way out the door and wish them well.

So I said a few words, said my farewells, handed them their crocheted graduation caps and we partied with cake, pizza and a movie.

Blue graduation caps

I finished the puppet and handed her over to my student before she went off to summer glory.

crochet girl hand puppet

She didn’t turn out exactly as I pictured her but she’s alright.

crochet girl hand puppet 1

She’s kind of sassy!

My student seemed happy with her and I  know the puppet is going to a good home. This particular 5th grader has become a great crocheter and wants to take crochet with her to her new after-school program next year. Some of our 5th graders from our school continue on in our program at our sister school. I had started crochet there years ago when I worked the summer program. Many of the students loved it but it died out quickly with no one left to run it. This 5th grader certainly has the chops to get something up and running over there. She has leadership qualities that I know she’ll put to good use to teach the students there how to crochet.

When we go back in the fall, I’m going to hook her up with the supplies she needs to get started. Hopefully that means I’ll still see her sometimes and she won’t disappear without a trace. 🙂


16 thoughts on “Red and Black Crochet Puppet

  1. Maybe I’m too old but seeing the picture of the grad caps and reading about goodbyes, end of year, etc. made me weepy 😢 and melancholy…the puppet just looks like a ray of sunshine.

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  2. The puppet is gorgeous – I have a puppet voice in my head that I would use with her!!! Yolanda – how amazing is it that your little crocheter could go on to head up the crochet lessons at her next after school program!! Now that is by far one of the greatest crochet ‘projects’!!!! I would be more proud of that than anything I’ve ever stitched. Well done Yolanda!! 🙂

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    • Thanks Tami! I am very proud of her. She asked me quite a few time about what we were going to do about crochet at the other site. I was so confused at first about what she was asking me and why. She was there when I worked the summer program back in the day and was one of my crochet minions. She must have been in first or second grade. That’s when she reminded me that she would be attending there again and needed to know how we were going to get crochet over there. Oh! Yes, very proud moment. She could have easily just taken her own hook and yarn but she wants to make sure she can teach others. Very proud!

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