Knackered Life-Size Crochet Doll

In case anyone wants to know what the life-size crochet doll is up to, here’s an update. She’s knackered! The kids are getting into full swing playing with her and it ain’t pretty!

Crochet life size doll IMG_3342

Ok, this is kinda pretty.

crochet doll glasses

They set up a whole house and kitchen for her. (Pay no attention to the messy room. We clean up really well.)  🙂

One of the first things a group of them did, was lifting her up in the air and running around the room chanting, “Mrs. Sherman, Mrs. Sherman.”  It was kinda funny and I got some video of the whole thing. Honest, I didn’t let them go on too long. I didn’t want to encourage that kind of behavior in my Kinders! The doll took it all in stride, though. Below is a screen grab from the video.

Life size croche doll

I only let it go on for a little bit!

So far, they’ve danced with her, thrown her up in the air a few times, they’ve cooked her feet in the pretend oven and so many more indignities. I usually find her hunched over in a chair with her hair tossed all this way and that. But through it all, she always has a smile on her face and a light in her eyes. I guess she doesn’t mind playing with the kids. I’m the one running around in the background trying to rescue her, telling them to treat her gently or she won’t last. Well, their idea of gentle is to sit her down in a chair and pretend she’s eating her own feet (true story). There she was, slumped in a chair (I suspect they have a hard time lifting her to make her sit straight) with all kinds of shenanigans going on. When I walked by, I gently propped her back, up but otherwise, left her alone.


Life size crochet doll.jpg

This is after a full day of playing! Can’t believe she’s still smiling!

So there you have it, a day in the life!


11 thoughts on “Knackered Life-Size Crochet Doll

  1. Thank goodness that doll isn’t of the voodoo variety!! It’s so awesome seeing how much they’re all enjoying it! And we really don’t know for sure whether the children are inventing these games or if they are mimicking what Mrs. Sherman does on a normal day..hmmm? 😀

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