Life-Size Crochet Doll is done!

Life size crochet doll

It’s done! It’s done! I had to take her home to finish her legs because I just didn’t have enough time at work. During our Spring Break, I worked furiously. When the legs were done and attached, with a jolt, I realized I wouldn’t be working on her anymore. There’s a lot of energy expended when creating, and suddenly, there’s nowhere for that energy to go. But that feeling didn’t last long (there’s always another project waiting to monopolize my time).

Once I got her dressed, I left her on my bed until I was ready to take her to my car. What a surprise to walk back into the bedroom to find my hubby pumping her legs up and down like she was running and then playing patty cake with her. He looked at me with a huge grin and I burst out laughing. What a scene! I had a good belly laugh. He kept right on playing with her. Wasn’t this the same man who knocked her over and threw a jacket on her so she would stop scaring him every time he walked into the house? Well, he did say he loved her even though she scared him. 😁

I got her back to school and the kids had a ball playing with her.

Life size crochet doll 2

Kinder playing patty cake with her too!

The Kinders got to play with her first. They sat around her in a ring and pretended that the doll was me and they were the  rest of the staff. It was super cute.


A fifth grader showing scale.


gausien blur

They claim she did the splits on her own!

After they played with her inside, they convinced me to let them take her outside. I agreed and we did a photo shoot. They all came up with ideas and helped pose her.

Life size crochet doll swings

Who doesn’t like to swing?

Life size crochet doll bench

Even dolls get tired.

And then it was back to the classroom for some more mayhem.

Life size crochet doll 3

They were taking turns carting her around the room. Did I mention she’s heavy?

Life size crochet doll guitar

Because it’s time to rock out!

All in all, I think she’s a hit. 😍


34 thoughts on “Life-Size Crochet Doll is done!

    • Well, I do know she’s good at scaring parents and custodians who think she’s a child at first glance. She even fools the staff and they saw me make her! One of the students was carrying her down the ramp when we went outside and he almost hollered at her to put her down thinking she was holding another student. lol

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  1. Hooray Yolanda!! She is beautiful! I can just imagine how happy/sad you are now that she’s done. It is so cute how the children all want to play with her! Oh all of those poor mothers though – their kids probably came home and said “Mom I want you to make me a crochet doll just like Mrs. Sherman made!!” Now you can start making outfits for this Fiber Fashionista! 😀

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    • Oddly enough, she is not the best behaved. She never helps clean. You never responds when I talk to her and she is constantly scaring folks, although the kids are immune. On the upside, she doesn’t make a mess, she doesn’t give me sass, she doesn’t pester me about when we’re going outside or having snack. 🙂


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      • That’s hilarious! My son is on the autism spectrum so I never know if something will creep him out or be the best thing ever. Right now bow ties are awesome and birds are scary.

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      • Hi!
        I’m not sure if you meant a pattern for the life-size doll or just a doll in general. If you want a regular size doll, I have a pattern I wrote for a doll. If you go to the homepage of my blog and click on the button for my patterns, you can scroll down and find some patterns I’ve written. Unfortunately I didn’t make a pattern for the life size doll as I made her as I went along. However, you can scale up my pattern by simply making more increase rounds in the head and body. Hope that helps.


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