Denial: Crochet Mermaid Crown for the Renaissance Faire

It’s Renaissance Faire time! We are going this Sunday and I want a mermaid crown. I’ve been seriously considering my outfit options. I usually sew (I use the term sew loosely) or crochet something new. I start off in denial about how much time I have to make something as I almost always wait till the last second to actually start. But this year, I think I just want to wear something I already own. You see? No one is in denial here. Considering I only have three days before we’re going, I think I’m making a pretty smart decision here.

I decided my mermaid outfit can once again appear at the fair. However, I never really liked the head-dressing I originally made for it. Sooooo, that means I need to make a new crown/headband/tiara thing to complement the outfit. I see all the head shaking already. It’s only three days! But I can do it! Seriously, I’m not in denial.

I moseyed on over to my friend, the internet, and did a little search on crochet mermaid crowns. I’ve been drooling over photos on Etsy for a bit. Mainly, I was looking for inspiration. I was hoping lightning would strike me with some amazing (easy) idea on how to make one. I wasn’t finding anything at first, but then, I found a really pretty one that I thought I could emulate.

Mermaid Crown.png

This mermaid crown is gorgeous!

Then I saw the most amazing shell crowns and tiaras.

shell crown

Just wow! This is an amazing shell crown.


Well, I’m not as handy with a glue gun as I am with a ball of yarn but I started thinking I could possibly make one of my own (it will much simpler!). After all, I have a huge bag full of shells at my disposal.



These are my shells. I found some, I bought some, and some were gifted to me.

I spent the next hour trying to decided if my time will be better spent trying to crochet something or try using my shells, or even combining the two. Ugh! Can I even do this? Will it look good? Is three days enough time?

Yes, yes I can and I will…..maybe. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Denial: Crochet Mermaid Crown for the Renaissance Faire

  1. You can do it Yolanda!!! I would combine them – you may need the shells and hot glue to keep some of the taller crochet elements from flopping over or drooping!! I can’t wait to see what you come up with! and I LOVE Renn Faires!! 😀

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