Life Size Crochet Doll WIP

What to do when I have a half-finished doll the kids are salivating to get their hands on? I let them play with it of course! Not sure if this was prudent, but it sure was fun. I’ve allowed the kids to play with her because I wasn’t sure I could finish her before the end of the school year. I’m glad I did  because they’ve been having so much fun with her. Especially the hair, they can’t stop messing with the hair! They even put this cute flower in it that came from a cupcake we had for snack.


The flower made all the difference!


One little girl shared her headband 🙂

My  older girls are so excited, they fixed up a chair just for her!

Even though she’s not done, I added some personal touches to make her more like me. I have a big group, so I blow a whistle to get their attention and I always wear my badge. But the one thing that distinguishes me is my crochet phone case I always wear on my belt loop. I gave her one of my old ones, along with an old phone I still had lying around.


The kids were tickled by the badge and freaked out when they discovered the real phone in the case.


This project needs to end so I brought the half finished doll home because I was worried I would never get her finished. I guess I’m just not having too much down time at work. I’m on spring break and I thought it prudent to finally get her done. The kids have been playing with her as is and I know they will be over the moon if I show up next Monday with a finished doll.

When I got home, I propped her up on the couch and have been scaring the bejeezus out of everybody. You walk around the corner and run smack into her, and for a brief second, you think there’s an unknown kid in the house! Now I know how the custodian feels at work.

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to work my way down to the shoes or work my way up to the thighs. Feet up won.



I stuffed the shoes with rags to add weight to them.

I’ve got half her legs done and I have no doubt I can finish and attach them by the end of the week.

crochet legs

I have no kids around to compare the size of the legs! Oh well, I guess I’m winging it.

This means I won’t be able to work on finishing my Bavarian Sweater but with time running out before the end of the school year, I thought the more prudent course of action was to finish the doll and then finish the sweater. After all, it’s not even cold anymore. The sweater can wait, life-size doll CANNOT.




9 thoughts on “Life Size Crochet Doll WIP

  1. Yolanda this is so awesome! I love how much the children are enjoying this! I do have to admit though that as I was scrolling down and saw the shoes, I thought Cute and clever! then i scrolled down a little more and the legs just really kind of freaked me out! LOL So bizarre looking to see these bodyless legs with her little shoes on!! LOLOL She is going to be amazing when she is all in one piece!! 😀

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