Freebie Friday – Tiny Crochet Doll


I’ve created all kinds of dolls over the years. I’ve even attempted a life-size doll (which is still missing legs). I’ve made small dolls too, but never a tiny doll. Well, I pulled out a ball of cotton thread that was lurking in a yarn drawer and thought it was about time to try it. I’ve been seeing these really cute miniature dolls created by other crocheters that have inspired me. I pulled out a C hook and went for it.

I made the head in the traditional amigurumi way with just one increase round, a few rounds with no increases and then one decrease round. I had these tiny buttons that I’ve been itching to use and they finally had a face to on. They made the doll look a bit funny but it was too late! I attached them and I wasn’t going to rip them out. I finished the face and stuffed it with a cotton ball. Boy, was that a mistake. It made the head a bit squishy. Not sure what possessed me to use a cotton ball instead of stuffing (laziness probably since it was closer than the stuffing) but live and learn. Then, I moved on to the body.

I did the arms, legs, and body in a different way. With such tiny stitches, I couldn’t even imagine working in the round (and I didn’t think my eyes could take it). Instead, I crocheted squares and rectangles, rolled them up and sewed them closed. No crocheting in the round and no stuffing needed. It was self stuffing! Win win. ūüôā


So cute at this stage.

The dress came next. It was a simple affair. I started with the skirt which I crocheted in the round with double crochets and then did an increase round with two double crochets in each stitch around. I did two rectangles for the top and just sewed it onto the skirt.


Then she got a little ugly.

The hair was last. This was a rainbow doll so I wanted to make¬†colorful hair. The strands came from¬†an unfinished project¬†I had inherited when my mom passed away. She used the strands as a fringe. I recycled the yarn from the project and couldn’t bring myself to throw¬†away¬†the strands. I stuffed them in a baggie hoping to make a doll that just needed short, blue hair. It’s day had finally arrived!


Cute again.

She was still missing something so I added a bit more color to the hair (it came from the same baggie) and voila!


Hmmm, not sure if she’s cute or ugly now. Cugly!



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