Life Size Crochet Doll Progress

Crochet large doll

Picture it, three small children, smitten with half of a life size doll. I finally attached arms to my doll and three of my Kindergarten students couldn’t stop hugging her and dare I mention, one of them couldn’t stop kissing her. The doll is a bit heavy because I stuffed her body with rags but that didn’t stop them from picking her up and squeezing her (and kissing her).


It was too funny when I stepped away, only to come back and find her in one of their arms. It was funny because she’s as big as they are (or will be once she has legs). It’s almost as if they are holding another student. I finally had to take her away. I can’t even imagine what it will be like when she has legs! I’ve promised them I would let them play with her when she’s done but I’m starting to have some serious doubts now. LOL

And speaking of hair and legs, the plan was to finish her legs first and then do her hair but the kids seem more obsessed with her hair or lack thereof. I asked my Kinders if I should give her legs first or hair and they unanimously said hair. So hair it is.

Lifesize crochet doll

You can’t have a life-sized doll without her sidekick. The kids wanted the other work doll to be with this doll so now they’re together.

Crochet dolls

The legs might take awhile but I plan to have her finished by the end of April. Hopefully sooner but that should give me plenty of time before the end of the school year to get her done. I’ve promised the boys I would make a boy doll. They keep asking me why I’ve only made girl dolls for our classroom and all my excuses were lame. With any luck, I can make a boy doll (not lifesize!) by the end of the May so I don’t have to dodge that question anymore.



10 thoughts on “Life Size Crochet Doll Progress

  1. Your kinders were right! She even has a ring on her ring finger. Who are you marrying her off to? [😊]

    Have I mentioned that YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!


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    • I’m letting the kids go ahead and play with her, even without the legs. They’re already braiding her hair and fixing up a chair for her. They’re also constantly trying to convince me to make her a wardrobe. We’ve compromised. I don’t have to make it but I can buy it. LOL

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