Freebie Friday – Crochet/Yarn Hacks

How to lose two hours browsing the internet without even knowing it. You start your search with a very straight forward agenda that should only take a few minutes but somehow end up completely off base from where you started. Next thing you know, you’ve lost two hours (or more :-)) looking at things you had no business looking at. I started out innocently enough planning a quick search for items for a birthday wish list. Before I knew what hit me, I had deviated from that plan almost immediately.

I was looking for items I could put on my wish list for my upcoming birthday. I stumbled across these cute jewelry designs for crocheters that I thought were really awesome.


I can make this!


Instead of putting them on my wish list, my first thought was that I could make these. This naturally led to a search of small crochet hooks. I don’t know how much time I wasted on that errand but I found really cool hooks (but not the ones I was looking for).

Screen Shot 2017-01-21 at 11.04.22 AM.png

I fell for this one which sent me on a side search for sterling silver crochet jewelry.


How awesome is this one? I love it.

Look at these hooks! Maybe I could start a unique hook collection? Or maybe just keep my hook collection confined to Pinterest. 🙂


While I was happily pinning away and had a bunch of tabs open, I noticed these hook caddies I hadn’t seen before.


I can make this! Here’s a free pattern from Ravelry for that middle one. Something like this would be great for a set of hooks for my desk area. It gives me tons of ideas to make one of my own. I have so many mugs that I don’t use. It would be great to turn one into a hook caddy.

While simultaneously looking at all of this,  yarn bowls kept popping up as suggestions. Some of them are incredible. I already have a simple one that’s not expensive on my wish list but I had no idea there were so many variations out there.

I mean, just wow! Dragons, fairies, castles and mermaids, oh my! This appeals to me on so many levels.



As one thing led to another, what should have been ten minutes was two hours later. I was bouncing around Pinterest, Etsy, Ebay, Amazon, blogs, and who knows what else looking at all kinds of things and my mind was getting blown. While looking at all those yarn bowls, I found some yarn hacks. It’s one of those moments where you wonder why you didn’t think of the idea yourself because it’s so obvious. I came across this photo on Pinterest and I clicked to visit the site.

Screen Shot 2017-01-21 at 3.03.43 PM.png

My favorite hacks are the colander for a yarn bowl and the cd/dvd holder. That’s genius. I have those! They’re not as pretty as a dragon bowl but they’re free. I could certainly dress them up with some form of crochet decoration. On the site, there are more ideas but here’s one more I love.


What a great idea! Don’t try to crochet with toilet paper, though. Replace it with yarn. 🙂

Keep in mind, every time I saw something I thought I could make, I wanted to create it right away to post on the blog. But who wants to wait for that when I can share what I found now. Can you tell I’m bursting with pent up crochet energy? I can’t wait to try some of these out! Hope you enjoy too.

P.S. I never did find the tiny crochet hooks to make my own jewelry but that’s just as well. That was a side track  that led me down the two hour rabbit hole.

I am not affiliated with any websites nor do I make any money from these sites. They are simply patterns I like or would like to try myself. 


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