Crochet Star Stitch Pot Holder

At a family gathering during the holidays, my baby girl made an awesome turkey with delicious fixings. In the midst of all the cooking, I had forgotten that I threw away all my pot holders a few days prior. I had every intention of buying new ones but on three subsequent trips to the store, I forgot.

So there we were, up to our elbows with cooking and no pot holders to be seen. I was lamenting that I would probably need to run out and  buy some new ones. My sage sis looked at me and asked why I hadn’t whipped some up already. She correctly pointed out that I could probably crochet some really quick. Huh? What? She was absolutely right! I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of it. I try to make just about everything out of crochet (even things I really shouldn’t) and I hadn’t even considered making a pot holder. I didn’t try making one in that instant but I did make one the next day.


I love cotton yarn but it’s a bit pricer than the yarn I normally buy (I buy the cheap stuff) but I did have a few skeins lying around (bought on sale of course). Cotton or wool is recommended for pot holders because of their natural fire resistant properties as they won’t melt if you place a hot pot on them. This hasn’t happened to me but I’ve heard horror stories and I avidly believe in avoiding other people’s mistakes!

I wanted to make a thick cloth with minimal holes so I wouldn’t burn my fingers. The star stitch is pretty thick but for added insurance, I crocheted it in the round in the shape of a tube and then flattened it and reverse crocheted around the edges.

I’ve been practicing shooting video of my projects and thought this one would be a nice one to try making a video. It took days of trial and error but I finally got something I could live with. I’m determined to keep learning how to improve my videos but I didn’t want it to stop me from getting started. So here goes:

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