Freebie Friday – Crochet Crown Stat!

I was at work minding my own business, preparing our paper crowns for two students who made it to ‘Queen and King’ on our star chart (an incentive program). Queens and kings get all kinds of goodies like choosing the movie we watch, picking the treats we’ll eat that day, prime seating on the couch for said movie AND they get a crown.

At the start of our program, there were no crowns and instead of the couch we had a special chair. Come to find out, our sister school had a crown AND a royal robe. They also took a picture and put it on the wall. Well, suddenly, I felt very inadequate. This naturally led to the bright idea to crochet each student a crochet crown they could keep when they reached that prize. I would let them pick the colors and everything. It went well when it was just a few students who reached the prize but there is a time of year when they all earn the prize and I was suddenly hustling to keep up with demand! Somehow, I managed it. Then, a few students asked me to make them another one. Why, I asked? Because they threw theirs away. I let them know it was one per student but I realized that it was too hard to keep up with demand and if they were just going to toss their crown, it wasn’t worth all the effort I was putting into them. I found some really cool crowns at a discount store the next year and the kids were happy and I didn’t look like a crazy lady frantically trying to make crowns for 40 kids.

Fast forward a few years later and one of my student’s that’s been in our program the longest remembered the crochet crowns. She asked if I could make her one of those instead when she had made it to queen. At that point, I was happy to do it. I had plenty of time to make it and by the sheer fact that she remembered them in the first place and wanted it again, I knew she would appreciate it. Luckily, there was only one other student at that time who was inspired enough by that new crochet crown that she asked for one as well.

It is that time again when students are starting to make it to ‘Queen and King’. I had two girls who were ready to take the mantle and I had the paper crowns out and was asking them to choose. Well, that same student who had asked for a crown last year came to me and said it would be nice if I could make the two girls crochet crowns. This is what went through my mind:

It’s Thursday. I have the craft fair on Saturday morning. They are queens tomorrow. I have to leave in 40 minutes for a meeting at my son’s school. After that,  I’m working on items for the craft fair. There’s no way I can work on the crowns tonight. EEk!

I told her and them I couldn’t do it in time but they could pick out something from the crowns I had and if they wanted, I would make them crochet crowns after the craft fair. They wouldn’t have them to wear for that Friday but they would still have them to keep for later. They said ok. One girl happily picked out her crown and I was busy taking her picture for our wall when my older student an my other queen came to me again and said how she really, really, really wanted a crochet crown and if I would please find a way to make one. I was about to say no. I looked at my watch calculating if I could get one done before I had to leave. I hate turning down someone who loves my crochet that much. Plus I’m a sucker for  a challenge. Add to it that the girls are great students and super sweet. And the girls that had gotten crowns last year said they still had theirs. Awe!!!!! How could I say no?

I didn’t make any promises but I said I would see what I could do before I left. I only had 30 minutes but I thought I could get the bulk of it done. I grabbed my supplies and got to work. And exactly 30 minutes later, I finished it and even took her picture in it for our wall. And then I flew out the door. 🙂 All was well that ends well. Now I have to makes us a royal robe!


Not bad for 30 minutes

The crown

I don’t have exact stitch counts but here’s what I did to make the crown. I took two strands of yarn (these were Gryffindor colors from Harry Potter) and made a chain long enough to go around my student’s head. I didn’t join. I made a row of double crochet all the way to the end. I slip stitched to the top of the first double crochet to form a circle.

I made 4 treble crochets in the fifth chain from the hook, a picot, and 4 more treble crochet in the same spot. I slip stitched in the fifth chain from the hook. I repeated this all the way around. I weave in the ends and close up the bottom.

Since I don’t count the stitches, there’s always the chance that when I reach the end it might not be exact. I might have to modify how I do the last cluster and where I end it. It never ends up being a problem.

Here is a video tutorial I shot for making the crown. I’ve had lofty goals about making many videos of my projects but there’s so much to learn it has stopped me from starting. I decided to just go for it. It’s not perfect but it shows the process and I figured that’s what’s important. It’s not the best and I’m still working on getting better but here’s my first real attempt at shooting a tutorial.

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