It started as a joke…

The idea has been thrown around before, never with much expectation that it will truly happen. I mean, it’s preposterous. It would be a huge undertaking that might never see the light of day. Alas, the idea came up again as a joke but this time, that little worm made it’s way to the part of my brain that accepts ridiculous crochet projects.

I am now in the process of creating a life size crochet doll modeled after me that will stand sentry at work (where I run an after school program). We have giggled that it will take my place at work and no one will be the wiser. Most likely it will scare unsuspecting night custodians who clean up our room when we are all gone. My fellow teachers who are in the trenches with me and our students who have egged me on, think this will be a grand adventure. It will certainly be a long adventure.

I’ve had many ideas swirling in my head about how to proceed. How will I stuff something so big? How dense do I want it to be? Will I give it bendable legs so it can sit on the couch (we have a couch in our room) or a chair or do I want it stiff so it can stand? Will it be a kid toy or a room prop? Will I ever finish? Too many questions might keep me from starting so I jumped right in and started on the head. I could do that while I still pondered all the other questions of the universe, ahem, I mean doll.

This is the road so far…


Yep, that’s all I’ve got for now.

I worked on it one day and haven’t touched it since. But I haven’t had a chance. Honest! It’s been a crazy week. But it has not been abandoned. One day it will be a glorious life sized doll. Scouts honor.

The head is being worked in the round. I started with 8 single crochet in a magic ring and made increase rounds until I had the size I thought would match my head. I stopped increasing when I had 80 single crochet. Now I plan to crochet around until I think it’s the right length and then I’ll do decrease rounds. At that point, I will make the face (thinking about how I want to go about that) and then decide whether I will keep it one piece with the body or make the head separately and attach it later. I will let the doll speak to me when the time comes and hopefully I’ll be listening. 😬


4 thoughts on “It started as a joke…

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