Sun emoji or sunflower

There’s never a dull moment when working with elementary school kids. I’m always learning something from them. Take, for example, the ‘laughing so hard it’s crying’ emoji I made.


The laughing so hard it’s crying emoji

Yes, that’s what I kept calling it when the kids asked what I was making. Lucky form me, the kids know best. They referred to it as the ‘laugh out loud’ emoji. Admittedly, that made more sense. I started calling it that when it changed again. The student who claimed it out of the prize box was calling it the ‘L-O-L’ emoji. That was even better! My title for the emoji suddenly sounded so foolish. And to their credit, no one pointed out my silly name. They just called it what they thought was a better name. I don’t always get away unscathed. 😂

Another opportunity to be schooled by my students happened with my very next emoji. I had planned to make the sun emoji. The LOL emoji was born because one of my Kindergarteners wanted me to make it. The sun emoji was all me and the kids weren’t too enthusiastic about it. I was minding my own business and selected an orange yarn instead of yellow for this one. I had my two orange circles and the face done and was ready to start the edging to join the circles when another Kindergartner asked me if I was going to use the yellow yarn for the sunny edging. I asked her if I should and she said that absolutely I should. So I did. And I had to agree it looked good.


The edging was made using single crochets and picots.

As I was finishing up the edging, another Kindergartner saw what I had and got super excited and started exclaiming, “Is that the sunflower? She’s making the sunflower from Plants vs Zombies!”

Huh? I made what now?

He repeated himself and was telling all the other kids I was making the sunflower from Plants vs. Zombies. My ignorance was showing and I didn’t want to appear ignorant so I looked it up. He was absolutely right. I did make the sunflower from that ‘whatyoumacallit’ show (or is it a game? I don’t know. I guess my ignorance is still showing).


A striking resemblance!

Apparently Plants vs. Zombies is very popular with our students and my unassuming sun emoji was suddenly the best non-emoji I had made! They all wanted it. So I’m sure it won’t last long in the prize box since about ten kids told me they wanted it.

Some of the kids still see the sun emoji and some see the sunflower but all I see are happy students. 🌞

The pattern for the circles for both emojis can be found in a previous post.

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