Freebie Friday – Crochet Pumpkin

A student (several students actually) announced we needed more yarn for our yarn drawer at work. What, already? I guess it makes sense considering I haven’t purchased any this year and probably not for a few months before the end of the last school year. This was a good opportunity to check out the remaining yarn to see the dregs of what we had.


Green and Orange: what not to get next time!

I can certainly see the colors that weren’t popular! There was lots of orange and green left over with a little brown. I wanted to use some of it up and what better way to use up orange as Halloween is approaching than pumpkins! I was going to just make it up but figured I’d check out how others make pumpkins and came across this cute looking pumpkin (below).


I read the pattern and started with the same stitch count but then veered slightly my own way. I followed the pattern to the third round and got the gist of it and then just did my own thing.


I still ended up with decent results.


My version is not too shabby 🙂

The idea is to do 12 double crochets in a ring and then do some increase rounds followed by some regular rounds and then finishing with decrease rounds. What I really wanted to learn was how to create those indentations. I originally thought that was done through crocheting but it’s done after with a long string. The pattern has a video tutorial as well that is very good at demonstrating how to do this.

The kids thought a pumpkin was great but a jack-o-lantern would be even better so I just had to do it. I made three triangles and sewed them on to the pumpkin. The mouth was a combination of slip stitches between single crochets with picots.


Not so sure about that mouth but the kids seem to like it. 🙂

I think I have enough orange yarn to make another pumpkin this same size or maybe a few smaller ones but I will definitely do it with single crochet. I don’t like the resulting big holes from the double crochet.

Now I have to figure out what to make with all that green. Maybe some green monsters. 🙂



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