Reading Glasses Clip

My eyes are getting old. I need reading glasses. I hate to admit it. I don’t want to believe it. But alas, there it is. Pulling things I need to focus on further and further from my face isn’t working anymore. I look ridiculous scrunching my eyes while simultaneously holding the offending object I am trying to read in my outstretched hand as far as it will extend…and still not being able to focus. If my son is at hand, say we’re shopping and I need to read the ingredients list of something, he’s gotten very used to me handing him something and saying, “Read that to me. Is there any wheat in that?”

But then, I don a pair of reading glasses and it’s all crystal clear. It makes me feel better that the magnification I need is still relatively low. That means my eyes aren’t that bad, right? I don’t need glasses for seeing in the distance so that’s good too, right? Anybody with me? I used to be able to get away with all that arm stretching but now I’m resolved to stashing reading glasses all over the place (my sisters do too so at least I’m in good company :-)). Oh lovely reading glasses, let me count the ways: the bathroom, the kitchen, my bedroom, my purse, my office, at work, and my crochet bag. I even have one of those large magnifying glasses that my kids loved to play with as children. It sits right next to my computer and I use it when I don’t want to put on the glasses. The family always pauses to look at me when I’m looking at something through the thing. No, I don’t look silly at all trying to avoid putting on the glasses.

Saddest of all, having all these strategically placed glasses in every nook and cranny is no longer good enough. Before, when I needed a little extra seeing help, I could reach for a pair. Now, I need that little push more often. I need a more permanent solution to keep a set ON me. I attempted to crochet a cute cord/necklace thing to do just that but I didn’t like it. I found myself looking for a better solution. I went internet browsing and came across some cute solutions.

I discovered magnetic eyeglasses clips/holders.

These are so cute! And there are so many more. A strong magnet attaches them to your clothes and then you can hang your glasses from it. But these things aren’t free and in my heart I believe I can make anything with crochet so an idea was born. I have a bunch of key rings laying around and as many cast off crochet flowers and hearts hiding in various craft bags just waiting to become a project. It won’t be a magnet but I have a safety pin around here somewhere.


These were in one of my craft bags.

All three flowers were made using a pattern I got from this link. You have to sign up but it’s a great site.

The heart was from a pattern chart I found from someone I follow on Instagram. It’s so simple but it’s such a cute little heart.Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 1.48.57 PM


I took one of the flowers, sewed on a key ring and a safety pin and I have an instant eyeglasses clip so I can have my reading glasses at the ready!

Flower Clip

It works!

I sewed a key ring to the bottom of the heart too. I think I might add a silver chain to that one and see how it works.

magnifying glass flower

Yep! That’s my magnifying glass. You can find me using it to read numbers off of credit cards and other fun things. 🙂

I’m thinking of whipping up some new embellishments to make more holders. In the meantime, I’ll give these a whirl.


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