Freebie Friday – Mermaids Everywhere!

I have always been partial to mermaids. I love mermaids and I often wished I could be a mermaid. I love stories and books about mermaids and I’ve even written stories and poems about mermaids. Don’t run for cover! I wouldn’t subject you to my mermaid writings. This is a blog about crochet after all. I WILL subject you to my mermaid inspired crochet. 😉 I’ve made four mermaid dolls (two were cute but the other two were questionable).


I’m the cute one.

the little mermaid doll

I guess that makes me the other cute one!



Hey, wait! What does that make me?! I’m cute!



What’s going on? What are you saying about me? You don’t think I’m cute?

I’ve made three mermaid skirts (one was awesome, one was ok, and one was so so).

This is the awesome one and the third attempt (below). I don’t have any good examples of the other two.

Here is the top that went with it (below).

I had forgotten I had made a mermaid wig too! I found it while digging in my photos looking for the first mermaid skirt I made. I am wearing the skirt in the photo with the wig but I didn’t like it so I cropped the photo (nope, I don’t have the courage to show it to you). I made the skirt too narrow around the legs and it squeezed my knees together. I walked really funny that night. I had to take tiny, baby steps! The next skirt was better. I made sure I had enough wiggle room in the knee area to make walking comfortable. I didn’t take any photos of that one and ended up giving it to one of my sisters.

Mermaid Wig

I looked really silly trying to walk!

Freebie Friday

Lately, I’ve seen a lot of mermaid blankets and cocoons. I get a lot of requests to make them but I never got around to it. I am curious about them, though. So, in the spirit of a mermaid renaissance, and the fact that I am a mermaid at heart,  I would like to share a site (blog post) that has so many beautiful mermaid blankets and cocoons that I was drooling. I wanted to post a couple of them here but there were so many, I decided to just share the link. The post has many pictures, free patterns, paid patterns, video tutorials and even finished pieces for sale. It can be found here. I was impressed by the variety of tails and the different ways they do the fins. I’m always on the look out for fin styles for my dolls. The pictures have sparked some ideas for my own future projects.

I hope you enjoy looking at all that mermaidyness!

I am not affiliated with any websites nor do I make any money from these sites. They are simply patterns I like or would like to try myself.


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