The Finished Sweater (Sort of)

The sweater is done and ready for its debut…in the Winter. I would say Fall but our Autumns are still warm. Now I can finally say I made the sweater I’ve been wanting to make for years. It’s my first attempt so I’m not surprised it could have been better.


Shows the sweater with the edging.


This shows the edging on the sleeve. I did four rounds of single crochet with a final slip stitch round.



The front of the sweater with four rounds of single crochet and a final round in reverse single crochet.

What I learned

The cons: I’m not 100% happy with the results. The fit is not perfect on me (it fits but needs to be a tad bigger) and the hood doesn’t sit quite right on the head. I think larger squares or more squares would be better all the way around. I like the sewing I did but I think a slip stitch or single crochet seaming would be a sturdier option. And lastly, I hate to admit it but I think my sis was right and the holes in the granny squares might be a problem come winter. The yarn I used combined with the granny square I chose might have been a mistake. The sweater might not be warm enough for the winter and too hot for the rest of the year. Either I should have used a lighter yarn so it could be used as a spring or Autumn sweater or a different granny square with less holes for the winter

I think I just might have to plug those holes after all. I could tackle one square at a time and hopefully, before I know it, the entire sweater will be done. I would need to find a good color to try for the plugs. It needs to be something that doesn’t take away from the design of the granny square. Depending on the color I choose, it could look like stained glass. That would be nice. 🙂 Here is an example of the plugs from a previous post.

The pros: The sweater is pretty and I like the chosen granny square in general. I learned that I like working with squares. I’ve never made anything with squares except maybe a few purses and butterflies. I liked that I could work on the squares at my leisure or at my demon speed, whatever I was in the mood for. 🙂 The squares worked up quickly and I enjoyed sewing them together. It was almost like working with legos by taking pieces and creating something fabulous. I can’t wait to try it again with something else. In fact, I can’t stop thinking of different possibilities. I realize this is just one way to construct a sweater, a very simple way, which is what I like about it. But, I don’t have to use squares. I could make blocks, as long as the dimensions are the same. I’ve been looking at different color combinations and all sorts of stitches I could use. My two sisters and friend want a sweater too. Lucky for them, sweater possibilities are swirling in my brain just itching to get out. I don’t know when any of them will get said sweaters but it’ll happen…one day…


16 thoughts on “The Finished Sweater (Sort of)

      • Well I’ve had the same this week, crocheted a top for my mum and when I’d finished I was really dissapointed with it, just been over with it and she’s over the moon! She’s tried it on and even if I do say so myself it looked stunning on!! So yes we are our worse critiques x

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      • Yes, I saw it on your post . It made me think of my sweater and other projects where I wasn’t too happy with the outcome. 🙂 I liked your top and thought it looked pretty good. I’m so glad your mum liked it. It’s always a fabulous feeling when the recipient of a crochet gift loves it. It’s even better when they look good in it. Congrats!

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