Close to finishing the crochet sweater


Almost done

Front View

I hadn’t planned on finishing the crochet sweater any time soon. I was going to take my time sewing the squares, finishing the edging, and possibly plugging the holes. But…I couldn’t help myself! I started sewing and couldn’t stop. Then I had the bright idea that the sleeves had to be longer so I made more squares. Then I knew the sweater had to be longer so I made some more squares. Then I sewed and sewed. I un-sewed a few times when I noticed some mistakes I couldn’t live with. Then I sewed some more. Did I ever mention I can become obsessive about my crochet? When I had the hood, the body and one sleeve put together, I tried it on. Eck! The sleeves were too long! Luckily, I hadn’t woven in the ends to all the squares so most were easily taken off but there was one, one that I did weave in and accidentally cut the corner of the square. I was able to save it rather than replace it since it was a square that had already been solidly added to the sweater. I also saw that I didn’t really need to add more squares to the length of the thing but it didn’t hurt either so I just left it.

Once done with all that sewing, I tried it on. Hmmm. I wasn’t sure I  liked it. First of all, it didn’t close in the front so I guess I made it too small. I should amend that! With a little edging that I planned on doing, the top half would be perfect. The problem is that I have an ample posterior and the gap in the front just kept getting wider as it fell down to my knees. It fit well otherwise which I was happy about but then I spent a long time trying to figure out how to fix it without ruining it, if indeed it needed fixing. Second of all, I was questioning if a sweater made up of all those squares actually looked good. I didn’t want to end up looking like a granny! I’m not there yet! I did like how it looked when I put it on. When it was just sitting there it looked suspect. I put it down to think about it. I still had some leftover squares I could use. Or maybe just adding more edging would do the trick.


Back view with hood and unwoven ends as a bonus 🙂

I put it on again and showed it to my hubby and his reaction surprised me. He loved it! Said it was very artistic looking. I tried to read some sort of double meaning in his comment. Does artistic mean it looked good? Or was that his way of trying to find something nice to say about it? He seemed genuinely impressed by it so that was a good sign. And I am always telling myself, “Just take the compliment!” Now I’m all nervous about ruining it with more additions. Maybe it doesn’t need to close all the way. Hubby liked it the way it was.


My sister already tried to steal it from me before it was even constructed. I could give it to her. But now I don’t want to give it to her. Sorry sis! But I know what she would say. Make me another one. You have time before it gets cold. 


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