Freebie Friday – Peplum Tank Top

Now that I’ve been working on my sweater, I’ve been reconsidering my stance on making clothing. I never wanted to worry about gauge or sizes or whether the sleeves will fit right, etc. But now, I  think I’m ready for the challenge. I always like to look at patterns to guide me but I always go rogue and go in my own direction (I’m sure  most crocheters d0 this :-)). So I was poking around cyber space and found this pretty top. Looks like something I would like to try. There are many nice patterns  on the site and are worth exploring. I did find all the advertising a bit distracting and some of the buttons at the top were a bit misleading so watch out for the those. For example, I clicked on a button that said patterns and it took me to In spite of that, the actual blog was worth the effort.

I am not affiliated with any websites nor do I make any money from these sites. They are simply patterns I like or would like to try myself.


6 thoughts on “Freebie Friday – Peplum Tank Top

  1. I know the feeling, I’m just about to finish my first top, I’ve got to admit I’ve ignored the gauging, but so far so good! I’m now looking for a really nice beach/swimsuit cover up, i reckon the top you’ve shared might just be what I’m looking for! Thanks for sharing

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