Freebie Friday-Constructing the Sweater


squares dolls

Momma’s little helpers 🙂 Doesn’t seem like a lot of squares when they are nice and neat like this. 🙂

I have finished crocheting the 74 granny squares needed to make my sweater. It is now time to put all those squares together into something that will hopefully look like a sweater. I admit I am a little intimidated by all those squares staring at me. I diligently wove in all the loose ends to each and every square and now the assembly must begin. I have gathered my posse who seems more eager to get started than me. Just look at all those happy faces.


Now they look like a lot of squares! Off camera, there are eight more for the hood and 18 more for the sleeves. If only they could assemble themselves…

I couldn’t decide how I wanted to join the squares. I initially thought I would single crochet them together on the right side so it would be part of the look of the sweater but I opted to seam them on the wrong side (inside of the sweater) to have an invisible join. I’ve already sewed the squares for the hood and I like the invisible seem so I’m going to keep going with that.

Here is the YouTube video (this is the Freebie Friday part) I’m using as a reference to assemble and join the squares. I didn’t use her granny squares, though, just the method she used to group and join them. The pattern for the granny square I used can be found in a previous post.


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