Student Highlight

I can’t express how proud I am of my students who have taken their crochet skills to the next level. So much so, I thought I would showcase and highlight some of their projects. Some of them have started following my blog and I want to show them how much I love their work by displaying it here.

Three of my 3rd grade girls have been really challenging themselves lately. They have been working on self guided projects that I have been very impressed with and that they are very proud of.

This student (below) was working on a headband when she realized that it wasn’t working out. One of the things I’m always stressing is that crochet is flexible and if something doesn’t work out, there is almost always a way to fix it, perhaps by turning it into something else. She was working rows of single crochet, changing colors to create stripes. When she saw that she hadn’t made the rows long enough for a headband, she turned it into a cute Barbie purse.


A+ for creativity and flexibility 🙂

This student (below) asked me for help in making a flower. She didn’t specify what kind of flower so I had her try the flower in the center of the Springtime Granny square. This is a more challenging project for a beginner because there are a mixture of stitches used like double crochets, treble crochets, and even a magic ring. She’s pretty advanced for a beginner so I asked her if she was up for the challenge and she was! I guided her through it and she did a superb job. She even added her own touch by doing a few rounds of single crochet around the edge.


A+ for challenging herself by trying new stitches and adding her own vision to the finished piece.

This student had taken the challenge to make a crochet rag doll (we are still working on the arms and legs) and then surprised me with a cute cradle she made for it. I loved her innovation in creating something completely new. This student is moving this summer so she won’t be returning to our after school program and I am going to miss her and her family. But I hope she keeps crocheting!


A+ for imagination, creativity, and innovation. 🙂

I am so proud of my students!


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