Crochet is Relaxing?

Am I the only only crocheter who doesn’t think crochet is relaxing?

The very first time I heard someone say crochet was relaxing, I remember smiling and nodding but in my head I was all Huh? Relaxing? Really? You think so? I guess I had never thought of it that way. Fun, obsessive, inspiring, creative, compulsive, expressive, exciting, thrilling, artistic, enjoyable, addictive, stress-inducing,  soul-fulfilling, euphoric,
frustrating and possibly soothing (does NOT mean the same thing) but never relaxing. What’s so relaxing about obsessively working on a piece until my hands and wrists hurt? What’s so relaxing about looking at your piece and knowing you’re so far from being finished (I’m looking at you dragon cloak)? What’s so relaxing about planning and organizing and trying to learn new things and not always being successful? What’s so relaxing about obsessing over trying to finish a piece you can’t possibly finish in one sitting? What’s so relaxing about being pumped and excited to start a new project? Is it relaxing when I have to complete a gazillion pieces for the craft fair? And so many more things that aren’t that relaxing.

Mini me_7

I don’t have time to relax! I’m crocheting!


I kept hearing this again and again, from strangers, from friends, from family (not my mom by the way) and even some children. I started to think there was something wrong with me. In all the years I had been crocheting, I had never thought of it as relaxing. Was I crocheting wrong that I didn’t feel this sense of relaxation?

It reminded me of when I was a kid. My older sister, my younger brother and I were watching Happy Days (I know! I just dated myself) and Fonzie and a little girl were watching a Bugs Bunny Cartoon. They were laughing. My siblings and I looked at each other in confusion and asked each other why they were laughing. We didn’t know. Cartoons were enjoyable and we loved watching them but we never laughed at them. We didn’t think of them as funny. We thought they were just nuts on the show and not like real life at all or maybe adults thought cartoons were funny but not kids. We didn’t get it and just ignored it. The fact that we didn’t see cartoons as funny didn’t stop our enjoyment of them one bit. When I was older, and I knew cartoons were supposed to be funny, I was able to acknowledge they could possibly be funny. 😉

And that’s exactly how I felt when I learned crochet was supposed to be relaxing. At first I was confused and then I just ignored it. Just because I didn’t think of crochet as relaxing didn’t stop my enjoyment of it one bit. Now I’m a bit older and wiser (I hope!) and although I still don’t see crochet as relaxing, I can see how others do. For me, crochet is a creative outlet that makes me feel productive and artistic. But relaxing? I’ll leave that to others. 🙂

Mini me

Relax???!!! I have a sweater to finish!

Ironically enough, here are some things about the craft I do find relaxing that others might think me crazy for. I find it relaxing to wind skeins of yarn into balls manually and to untangle mounds of tangled yarn instead of throwing it away. And sometimes, just sometimes, mind you, I find it relaxing to weave in ends. To each his/her own. 🙂

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