Mexican Mother’s Day

We always celebrated Mother’s Day with my mom on May 10th because that’s when she said it was really Mother’s Day. In Mexico, it always falls on May 10th. So today, I’m celebrating Mother’s Day with my mom in my heart. My mom passed away almost three years ago and my siblings and I went through her things and kept those items that were the most valuable to us sentimentally. With the recent passing of my oldest sister, her children did a similar thing and generously passed some things back to us. I was fortunate enough to get some of my mom’s finished crochet pieces.

Mom was pretty amazing and some of her best pieces are gone but here are two of my favorites.


These are pretty large. I believe she made these as ‘manteles’ which means table spreads or table covers. I suppose they could be used as bed spreads as well. I’m trying to figure out how to use them. They’re too pretty to put away in a drawer or box somewhere.

The ones below are some random things she made. I didn’t even take pictures of all the traditional doilies she did.

Trying to decide what to do with all these pieces. I was thinking of trying to share them with family and certainly if anyone wants some I’m willing to share. But, I have them because they have no where else to go. Mom loved to put doilies on furniture, like end tables, the top of the tv (that’s when they were console type tv’s!), coffee tables, etc… I don’t do that as much. I’m actually thinking of turning them into something else. Maybe I can turn her doilies into clothes. I don’t want to ruin them but if I can come up with something wearable, I don’t think mom would mind if I repurpose.  🙂

Mom was also awesome at cross stitch. I’ve loved this dog (below) since I was a little girl and now it’s mine. It’s a pillow case but I don’t think I want to keep it that way. Maybe I’ll frame this one since it holds happy memories for me (even though the dog looks sad).


So ‘feliz dia de las madres’ mom. Love you.


7 thoughts on “Mexican Mother’s Day

  1. I have the best sister in laws ever…and grateful to be so included that even I have inherited some of these pieces! The back of her cross stitch was in itself amazing…mine look like a kindergartener worked it!lol

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